Campus Bid Opportunities

Campus Bid Opportunities (Request for Information, Quotations, or Proposals)


In accordance with University policy Business and Finance Bulletin (BUS) 43 Part 3 and the Public Contract Code, a formal competitive bidding process is performed for a purchase of a common good or service valued at $100,000 or more

As of Friday, November 16, 2012, the University of California system began executing its system-wide, multi-campus and campus-specific sourcing events in the Supplier Registration and Sourcing System (SRS).  

  1. SRS is a self-service portal to register your supplier information including address, supplier diversity, insurance, and banking information. Suppliers seeking to do business with the University of California system, should self-register in SRS.  
  2. However, supplier registration does not guarantee any UC business. Supplier registration may improve a supplier's chances to participate in bid opportunities. There is no formal bidders’ list on which to sign up for notifications of bid opportunities.  To review bid opportunities and submit bid proposals on opportunities that are of interest to your business, go to University of California Bid Opportunities: Click Here.
  • Suppliers’ responses must address the requirements and fulfill the specifications in the bid posting and be deemed responsive and responsible. 
  • Information contained in the suppliers’ bid proposal is confidential and remains so, until a purchase order or contract is issued by Procurement Services.