Book a Bundled Trip

If you are considering other package arrangements offered by internet vendors, use caution and investigate the details before booking. Typically itineraries and receipts from these packages do not include itemized expenses and do not provide sufficient detail to support reimbursement. Without proper detail, you will not be reimbursed. No business-related travel should be booked using a "packaged" or "bundled" trip deal unless the traveler has confirmed that each aspect of the package will be separately itemized (e.g., itemized hotel charges, airfare, car rental, etc.) to assure appropriate documentation will be provided for reimbursement.

You can conveniently schedule trips involving airfare, hotel, and rental cars from a single source through Connexxus travel agencies. These travel agencies are experienced in handling UC requests and they provide itineraries, receipts, and supporting documentation. Business travel insurance is also provided for those traveling on official University business.

When booking through a Connexxus travel agency, you can directly bill airfare charges to the University with a SpeedType from your Finance Manager. Personal credit cards or Corporate Travel Cards can also be used for airfare and other charges to make reservations and payments with reimbursements via an approved expense report after the trip.