Card Activation Procedure

cardholder should: steps

Sign the Cardholder Agreement Form

Submit Lost/Theft/Fraud Form – If your card is a replacement card due to lost, stolen, or fraudulently used card


IMPORTANT NOTE: Your card will not be available for use until the Cardholder Agreement Form is received.

CARDS THAT ARE NOT ACTIVATED and/or we have not received the signed agreement form will be cancelled within 10 days of card issuance.

  • Download the Cardholder Agreement Form or, if applicable, download the Lost/Stolen/Fraudulent Form
  • Provide all “required information”
  • Sign the form; scan the form (preferable pdf version)
  • Keep the original for your record
  • Email a scanned copy to (Email sent to this mailbox will automatically create a Service Now ticket which will be assigned to P-Card Administrator to monitor the submission
  • P-Card Administrator will communicate via Service Now ticket you have received and will advise: 

o When CH Agreement Form is received and,
o Appropriate dollar limit has been activated.

Upon receipt of card, call the
activation number on the sticker
located on the front of your card.

IMPORTANT NOTE: Your current
profile will carry a $1 limit to allow for
activation. Step 1 must be
completed before funds can be fully
authorized to be loaded on your card

  • Provide the 16-digit account number
  • Five-digit zip code (your business address on file)
  • Select “1” (to activate account)
  • When prompted for SSN, provide the last 4 digits of your “Employee ID#”. Do not provide your SSN.
  • Provide business phone number with an area code. Do not provide your home phone number
Sign the back of your card Sign immediately in the space provided.
Keep the card in a secure
Provide your credit card number to authorized suppliers
and secured channels/websites only.