ChemCentral Mission Bay

ChemCentral provides comprehensive cradle-to-grave chemical management for all research chemicals in the Weill Neuroscience Building.

Chemicals are centrally received, inventoried, and delivered to laboratory Drop Zones by ChemCentral staff. Additionally, common reagents are available to purchase on-site with no markup from BearBuy prices. During working hours, researches may choose to have materials delivered within 4 hours of placing their order, or may pick up their materials at ChemCentral (Room 167). A complete list of available chemicals can be found at the Weill Building Product List.

Purchases from the stockroom can be made through Stock Solution, a new software suite that actively communicates with other UCSF software including Lab Hazard Assessment (LHAT) and UC Chemicals.

RFID inventory tags from spent chemicals can be returned to the Drop Zone for ChemCentral Staff to remove from the inventory.

For additional information, please visit the ChemCentral FAQ or contact [email protected].