Incoming Mail

Mail Services processes all UCSF mail received from the United States Postal Service (USPS) as well as Inter-Campus Mail – as much as 8,000 pieces of mail daily.

Incoming mail is processed daily in the following order:

  • Campus Mail
  • First Class Mail
  • Periodical Rates (second class)
  • Standard A&B (third class)
  • Accountable mail (registered, certified, insured, and express mail) received from USPS in the morning is delivered that afternoon to the customer. A signature is required at the point of delivery.

Make sure that you have a current internal box number/mail code listed with Mail Services.

If your department needs a box number/mail code, then email the following information to [email protected]:

  • Department Name
  • Address (including room number)
  • COA Chartstring/Cost Center
  • Contact Person
  • Start Date

If your individual UCSF campus address changes, your department must update that information in OLPPS. For more detail, see our “how to modify your address” flyer. UCSF Medical Center personnel should contact their Human Resources department.

Make sure to inform your correspondents to place your department's box number/mail code, next to your department name.

Make sure that in the global directory, your employees’ names are associated to the correct box number/mail code. Logistics-DSM’s automated sorting system reads the name in the database and forwards mail to the box number/mail code in the directory.

Attribute only one box number/mail code to your identity.

UCSF Zip Code Instructions

All UCSF Locations in San Francisco must use the zip code 94143. UCSF locations outside San Francisco must use the appropriate city and zip code. Be sure to utilize the following format directions from the USPS:

John Smith
Department Name, Box XXXX
550 16th St., Floor 4
San Francisco, CA 94143 (or appropriate city and zip code if outside San Francisco)

There should not be any mention of UCSF’s internal box number/mail code in the last two lines of the address format.

Do not use our internal box number/mail code as +4. The zip code should read “94143” only.

For more detailed information, please see our web page with FAQs on the unified zip code.

Contact Us

For more information, call us at: (415) 502-6245 or email us at: [email protected]