Travel Expense Voucher

It is the policy of the University that all official travel shall be properly authorized, reported, and reimbursed in accordance with the Policy and Regulations Governing Travel G-28.

The purpose of the Travel Expense Voucher (TEV) is to request reimbursement for official University Travel expense after a trip concludes for relocation expenses and wire payments. All employee travel and non-travel, and guest travel reimbursement should be submitted through our automated reimbursement system, MyExpense.

Complete the following required information on the form.

  1. Voucher Number - TJJJxxxx (a unique eight-character dept. assigned number - "T" followed by preparer's 3 character Journal ID assigned by General Accounting and four digit departmental reference number)
  2. Vendor Number - For non-employee, enter vendor number if known (10 digits)
  3. Date - Request date
  4. Payee Name and complete address (required)
  5. Amount
  6. Purpose of trip
  7. Date of trip
  8. Trip data, transportation, subsistence and other expenses
  9. Indicate $0 on line #5 if airfare is paid by Connexxus Direct Billing (which includes the State Airfare Program through UC Travel Center)
  10. Deduct Travel Advance amount when clearing with TEV (note: this applies only when reimbursing a guest “individual” and the payment type is either wire or draft)
  11. SpeedType number
  12. Fill in Chartstring (only required if speedtype not present) with Business Unit, Account, Fund, Dept ID, Project, Activity Period, Function, and Flexfield (optional).
  13. Preparer's name, Campus Box number and phone number.
  14. Appropriate signature authorization
  15. Attach required supporting documentation to TEV.

Send completed check request with back up documentation to Accounting via campus mail - Accounts Payable, Box 0812, or email to [email protected].