Strategic Sourcing

By using collaborative methods, supported by e-commerce tools and data analysis, Strategic Sourcing optimizes spend and purchasing activities across different campus units and the University of California system, creating significant savings for the University.

How it Works

For each commodity, a team of purchasing professionals:

  • Studies the expenditures, usage rate data, life-cycle costs, targeted savings, and other factors
  • Combines the data from all campus units
  • Creates solicitations and/or negotiations
  • Awards and issues contracts to be used by all or multiple campuses

The initiative also strives to comply with UC Sustainability Policies and Best Practices by incorporating environmentally friendly products and services.

As a UCSF employee, you can access UC Systemwide and Campus agreements in BearBuy.  

 UC Systemwide and Campus Agreements

If you require assistance with suppliers with which UC has executed agreements, please contact UCSF Strategic Sourcing directly with any questions or concerns regarding supplier’s products, technical support, personnel and services. We will work with the suppliers to resolve any issues and, if necessary, initiate any escalation of systemwide agreement issues to UCOP Strategic Sourcing.