Supply Chain Champions

Gus Crotti

Senior Mail Processor Logistics

FAVORITE MOVIE Tie between Shawshank Redemption and Being There

FAVORITE BOOK Slaughterhouse Five
FAVORITE FOOD Any shrimp or pork dish

What He Does

Crotti delivers mail and packages daily to various UCSF sites. “I start out at Oyster point. I grab my mail there,” said Crotti. “My route is Mission Center Building (MCB) in the morning and avenues, which encompasses the medical center, some other stops and Mulberry Union and then more stops on the way back to the warehouse. That basically fills the day.”

While most days are what Crotti calls “predictable in a good way,” he has seen a few unusual things during his route. “A couple things I won’t talk about,” joked Crotti. “But about four months ago, I was in the back of the medical center and there was this three-year-old girl who was just by herself. I pulled over and found out she had walked down from this childcare center. Right as I came upon her, I saw her mom was like half a block away waving her arms and then UCSF Police were right there. That was memorable.”

One of the More Challenging Parts of His Job

“The time constraints. It’s about getting things done by a certain time. If you get thrown off by one thing in the morning, your afternoon run, even though it’s separate from it, will suffer. It’s basically the time constraints.”

Best Part About Working at SCM

“On a day like today, it’s a beautiful day, it’s really nice to be out and about. It’s nice getting out of the warehouse. And I really do like my customers. There are a lot of them that I’m on a first-name basis with and it’s nice to see how everybody’s doing. That’s definitely a plus.”


Susan Riddle 

Senior Sourcing Analyst Strategic Sourcing


FAVORITE FOOD Indian or Sushi

    What She Does

    Riddle started her career at UCSF working for Audit as an executive assistant. She then moved to the police department, where she managed training. When she interviewed for a Supply Chain position and compared it alongside other openings, she said this was the one that made sense. 

    These days Director Andrew Clark calls Riddle his “franchise player.” She runs bids, works closely with and supports John Arbolino on software projects and, as she said, is a “catchall” for a wide variety of Strategic Sourcing projects. One of those projects was managing the successful systemwide move to Sourcing Director. Her great work earned her a UCOP Starlight Award for Collaboration.

    One of the More Challenging Parts of Her Job

    “When we did True Colors (a personality exercise), I’m primarily a green, which is analytical. But my second color was yellow, which is process. Almost everyone else in Strategic Sourcing has process at the end and are orange or entrpreneurial first. I can ask, did we cover x, y and z? If people aren’t annoyed that I’m throwing up the question, they’re happy that I’m keeping us on track.”

    Best Part About Working at SCM

    “It’s evolved with time, but it comes back to feeling supported. Within my unit I feel as if we’re all in it together. We respect and build on each other’s ideas, and we empower each other.”


    Carlos Zepeda

    Card Program Administrator Procurement Card Program

    FAVORITE MOVIE Ridley Scott's Blade Runner

    FAVORITE BOOK The Alchemist
    FAVORITE FOOD Indian or Thai Food

    What He Does

    As a card program administrator, Zepeda serves as a liaison between cardholders and the bank. This includes setup, training and compliance, auditing and resolving any issues that come up along the way. “You have to do as much as you can because we’re pretty much the point of contact for the cardholders,” he said.

    While happy cardholders are music to his ears at work, in his real life Zepeda’s friends call him a “techno dweeb” for his love of techno music, but he also is a huge fan of Freddie Mercury and David Bowie. “I grew up in a household where music was played from the time you wake up until you went to sleep,” he said. “At the beginning it (techno music) was just noise and then I found the beauty in it.”

    And when he’s not working at SCM, Zepeda has, for the last five years, spent weekends helping a charity group with a variety of social welfare and environmental service projects.

    One of the More Challenging Parts of His Job

    “Not the job itself, but me. I have to constantly remind myself that there is just one me and I can only do a certain amount of things in a work day.”

    Best Part About Working at SCM

    “Working here at SCM, they let you be. You’re more of an individual, although that tends to be a little lonely because you don’t have that much interaction. I find it refreshing. Anything where I have interaction with people I enjoy. I like my job.”


    Donté Casey

    Lead Storekeeper Logistics-DSM

    FAVORITE MOVIE All the Star Wars series

    FAVORITE FOOD Mexican - I love the blends of meats and the seasonings

    What He Does

    Growing up in a "very bad" neighborhood, Casey said he fell into music (rap), did a lot of touring and got a couple of gold records. When his children came along, he decided to find a job that was more respectful and that
    turned out to be at UCSF.

    His work at Logistics-DSM includes maintaining import and export of all storage inventory, conducting inventory review, file retrieval, billing for storage, scheduling of storage importing and exporting. He also works with a team to
    schedule orders for drivers.

    One of the More Challenging Parts of His Job

    “There’s nothing really challenging. I try to learn something new every day. I’m open to new things,
    but with so many issues going on in the world and sometimes at home, I use the work as my vacation. I enjoy working here. I enjoy the people at UCSF. I come here to get piece of mind.”

    Best Part About Working at SCM

    “The people. We’re here with our work team more than we are with our families, so I got a lot of love for the people I work with. I look to different people at different times for advice. I’m growing as a man myself, so I’m learning from everybody here. And I enjoy the company of all my workmates."


    Daisy Palma

    Buyer IV Procurement

    FAVORITE MOVIE Disney's Enchanted


    What She Does

    Like many members of her family, central buyer Daisy Palma had planned to become a doctor. Then she took a physiology class that included dissection and changed course. “I had to ask myself, ‘What do I really enjoy doing?’” said Palma. “And, what would my dad approve of?” Palma, who said she’s always loved shopping, turned to a career in business, specifically procurement.

    Ironically, Palma ended up buying supplies and services at UCSF, where her biggest clients include the School of Nursing, the School of Pharmacy and a small part of the School of Medicine among others.

    One of the More Challenging Parts of Her Job

    “Trying to get individuals to understand that I’m tied to certain regulations and policies. I need them to understand this is why I can’t do certain things. This is why I’m causing them grief,” she said. “I’ve heard some buyers say, ‘I don’t want to go to jail, so I need you to do this.’ I don’t use that one, but I’ve heard quite a few people use that line.”

    Best Part About Working at SCM

    “I like learning new things and when requisitions come in and you look and you say ‘whoa I’ve never come across this before. How should I approach this?’ You learn a lot.


    Lian Sussmann

    Operations Manager Supply Chain Solutions

    FAVORITE MOVIE Star Wars Movies, Sci-Fi

    FAVORITE FOOD Pizza or a deli sandwich

    What She Does

    Sussmann manages day-to-day operations of BearBuy, including trouble-shooting and system errors, Tier 2 Help Desk tickets for end-user support, SciQuest system releases and upgrades, implementation of new business processes pertaining to BearBuy, communication to campus for BearBuy-related news and change management for system enhancements. She also is responsible for adding new “Ship to Locations”, subscribing to UCOP contracts and other contract maintenance.

    One of the More Challenging Parts of Her Job

    Helping users adapt to and embrace change. SciQuest, the software behind BearBuy, issues updates three times a year and each release brings new challenges.

    “During that time it’s usually a mad scramble to do the testing, get any training documents in place and then push it out to the campus,” said Sussmann. “We hope they read the documents or the newsletter that we send out and then retain the information so they’re able to process it correctly when they go to use the system after it goes live.”

    Best Part About Working at SCM

    “When we can create efficiencies of processes. I like that part of it because we can create change for campus and make things work more efficiently and get more done.”