Supply Chain Management Staff Directory

ALCAZAR, ANDREW Business Systems Analyst/Business Systems [email protected] 415-502-4171
ARBOLINO, JOHN IT Software Specialist/Commodity Supervisor/Strategic Procurement [email protected] 415-476-6694
ARCEO, ROSCELLE Vendor Relations Analyst/Business Systems [email protected] 415-476-6147
BALAIS, TRIXIE Contracts Analyst/Construction Contracts [email protected] 415-476-6835
BALMES, NATHANIEL  AP Financial Services Analyst/Financial Operations [email protected] 415-476-8450
BERHE, SARAH Accounts Payable Assistant III/Financial Operations [email protected] 415-514-3630
BRASHER, ROBERT Construction Contracts Analyst/Construction Contracts [email protected]  
CAMPBELL, MARCUS AP Disbursement Lead/Financial Operations [email protected] 415-476-2128
CHAPMAN, JOSHUA AP Analyst/Financial Operations  [email protected]  
CHING, CONNIE Senior Contracts Analyst/Construction Contracts [email protected] 415-476-0551
CHOI, MARK Distribution Manager/Logistics [email protected] 415-502-3063
CHOY, DAVID Blank Assistant III/Financial Operations [email protected] 415-502-2124
CLARK, ANDREW Executive Director/Strategic Procurement [email protected] 415-502-3021
COLLINS, JAMES Strategic Sourcing Construction Commodity Manager – Construction Contracts [email protected] 415-476-2112
CORTEZ, LUCKY Communications Specialist/Finance & Administration [email protected] 415-514-2045
DALES, KATHY AP Document Management Analyst/Financial Operations [email protected] 415-476-0818
DE LA ROSA, RUDOLFO Vendor Relations Analyst/Business Systems [email protected] 415-502-3041
DOMINGUEZ, ELI Project Coordinator/Finance & Administration [email protected]  
FERRER, TERESITA AP Accounting Assistant/Financial Operations [email protected] 415-476-5672
FRANCO, PETER Executive Director/Construction Contracts [email protected] 415-476-2112
FRANK, JOSEPH AP Financial Services Analyst/Financial Operations [email protected] 415-476-4277
FRAZIER, MICHAEL Administrative Assistant/Finance & Administration  [email protected] 415-502-5765
GALLOWAY, JACKIE Card Program Analyst/Financial Operations [email protected] 415-502-5764
GARCIA, LARISSA Operations Analyst/Financial Operations [email protected] 415-514-9650
GEE, MELISSA Operations Manager/Financial Operations [email protected] 415-502-3049
GERGIS, JASMINE AP Analyst/Financial Operations  [email protected] 415-476-8464
GONG, CHRIS Procurement Analyst/Financial Operations [email protected] 415-502-2113
GRUBBE, DAVID Business Systems Analyst/Business Systems [email protected] 415-502-3140
HINE, JIM Chief Procurement Officer [email protected] 415-502-3037
HUANG, JOE Inventory Warehouse Supervisor/Strategic Procurement [email protected] 415-476-6531
HUGHES, ROSEMARIE Senior Purchasing Analyst/Strategic Procurement [email protected] 415-476-3472
IP, JOSIE Procurement Analyst/Strategic Procurement [email protected] 415-502-3006
KALRA, ASHA Manager/Construction Contracts [email protected] 415-476-6836
KRUPSKY, TANYA Senior Procurement Analyst/Strategic Procurement [email protected] 415-502-3015
KWAN, CHRIS Travel and Expense Supervisor/Financial Operations [email protected] 415-476-3631
LOPEZ-ALVAREZ, MARISSA Analyst/Financial Operations [email protected]  
LOW, JENSINE AP Analyst/Financial Operations [email protected]  
LOW, STANLEY AP Financial Services Analyst/Financial Operations [email protected] 415-476-8453
MACWAY, GREG Director/Finance & Administration [email protected] 415-476-3537
MAIS JR, LAURENT Contracts Analyst/ Construction Contracts [email protected] 415-476-3043
MAURER, BRETT AP Analyst/ Financial Operations [email protected]  
MAZZEI, MARIA Commodity Analyst/Construction Contracts [email protected] 415-502-3018
MCCORMICK, HEATHER Customer Experience Specialist/Finance & Administration [email protected] 415-514-2225
MCKEE, LEAH Business Systems Analyst/Business Systems [email protected] 415-502-6065
MEYER, JOSEPH Accounts Payable Supervisor (for Real Estate, Construction and Facilities Accounts Payable only)/Financial Operations [email protected] 415-502-2455
MORACHE, CHRISTINA Procurement Manager/Strategic Procurement [email protected] 415-476-9583
MORSONY, LAURA Operations Analyst/Financial Operations [email protected] 415-502-2254
MULLIGAN, PAUL Procurement Manager/Strategic Procurement [email protected] 415-502-3047
NGUYEN, ELIZABETH AP Analyst/ Financial Operations [email protected]  
NGUYEN, PHILIP Operations Analyst/Financial Operations [email protected] 415-476-8460
NUNEZ, JOSE PADILLA Procurement Analyst/Strategic Procurement [email protected] 415-502-2748
ORTEGA, GILBERTO AP Analyst & Supervisor/Financial Operations [email protected]  
ORTIZ, LEO Administrative Manager/Finance & Administration [email protected] 415-502-3022
PALMA, DAISY Senior Procurement Analyst/Strategic Procurement [email protected] 415-502-3045
PANFILOV, KYRIL Analyst/Strategic Procurement [email protected] 415-502-3077
PENDERGAST, DAVID Business Contracts Manager/Strategic Procurement [email protected] 415-514-9649
PETERSEN, JOANNE IT Hardware Specialist/Strategic Procurement [email protected] 415-514-2872
PUERZER, ROBERT Procurement Analyst/Strategic Procurement [email protected] 415-476-3552
RAM, ASHLYNNE AP Analyst/Financial Operations  [email protected]  
REALUBIN, MARIA Junior Financial Services Analyst/Strategic Procurement [email protected] 415-502-6309
RIDDLE, SUSAN Analyst/Strategic Procurement [email protected] 415-476-3532
ROSS, JOEL Procurement Supervisor/Strategic Procurement [email protected] 415-502-3025
SANGPOLSIT, JENNY Analyst/Financial Operations [email protected]  
SHANG, STEPHANIE Financial Services Supervisor/Financial Operations [email protected] 415-502-1725
SHEHU, DEAN Research Commodity Manager/Strategic Procurement [email protected] 415-502-2500
SIEGMUND, LESLIE Business Systems Analyst/Business Systems [email protected] 415-476-4131
SIMON, BERNARDO Business Systems Analyst/Business Systems [email protected]  
SUSSMANN, LIAN Systems & Program Manager/Financial Operations [email protected] 415-473-4312
TADY, CAROL Communications Supervisor/Finance & Administration  [email protected] 415-502-2250
THANH, TRA Contracts Administrator II/Construction Contracts [email protected] 415-476-9437
TROGDON, LISA Contracts Analyst II/Construction Contracts [email protected] 415-502-4268
TRUONG, NANCY Accountant/ Financial Operations [email protected]  
UGALDE, NATALIA AP Analyst/Financial Operations [email protected]  
VALENCIA, SONYA Office Coordinator/Finance & Administration [email protected] 415-476-5761 
VILLA-CARLOS, YVETTE Procurement Analyst/Strategic Procurement [email protected]  
WEBB, TYRONE Procurement Analyst/Strategic Procurement [email protected] 415-502-3033
WILSON, BYRON Procurement Analyst/Strategic Procurement [email protected] 415-476-3677
WONG, DANNY AP Analyst/Financial Operations [email protected]  
WONG, KAREN Senior Contracts Analyst/Construction Contracts [email protected] 415-476-1390
WONG, RUSSELL Procurement Analyst/Strategic Procurement [email protected] 415-476-4361
WONG, VANESSA Executive Director/Financial Operations & Business Systems [email protected] 415-502-3002
WU, ALEX Analyst/Financial Operations [email protected]  
YOUNUS, SYED Interim Director/Logistics [email protected] 415-502-6151
ZEPEDA, CARLOS Card Program Analyst/Financial Operations [email protected] 415-476-6324