Travel Advance Request

Under UC Policy G-28 Travel Regulations, cash advances must be issued within 30 days of when an expense is to be paid or incurred in order to satisfy IRS regulations. Cash advances must be cleared with a MyExpense expense report within 45 days of the End of Trip/Last Purchase Date to ensure timely reporting of expenses and to avoid IRS tax implications. A traveler may only have one outstanding cash advance per trip and must clear any previous advances before another advance is issued. The University is obligated under the IRS regulations to consider such amounts as taxable income to the traveler, if the traveler fails to clear a travel advance within 120 days of the end of a trip.

Employee Traveler

Employees who have been issued a University Corporate Travel Card are required to use the card for cash advances for expenses incurred in connection with official University business travel. Reasonable fees charged for obtaining a cash advance using the corporate travel card are eligible for reimbursement.

Employees who do not have a Corporate Travel Card or are not able to obtain a cash advance using the corporate travel card may request a cash advance through MyExpense.

Non-UCSF Employee Traveler

Non-UCSF employee who is traveling on official University business may request a travel advance. Travel advances are approved at the discretion of the Supply Chain Management Executive Director of Financial Operations and Systems or Financial Operations Manager.

Travel Advance Request Form Instructions

A non-UCSF employee requesting a travel advance should complete the following required information on the Travel Advance Form.

  1. Voucher Number – AJJJxxxx (a unique 8 character dept. assigned number – "A" followed by preparer's 3 character Journal ID assigned by General Accounting and four digit departmental reference number).
  2. Travel Advances for non-employee, enter vendor # 10 digits: 003xxxxxxx) in vendor number box, provide traveler's name if different from the payee.
  3. Request date
  4. Payee Name and complete address (address is required)
  5. Amount
  6. Destination and purpose of trip
  7. Start and end date of trip
  8. Chartstring – use Account 11620
  9. Preparer's name and phone number
  10. Appropriate signature authorization
  11. Attach required supporting document to Travel Advance
  12. Send completed check request with back up document via email to Accounts Payable at [email protected].