Approval for Donations and Sponsorships

Under UCSF policy, Community & Government Relations (CGR), in partnership with Supply Chain Management (SCM), oversees and administers a program of charitable giving and support for the community on behalf of the campus. In line with this policy, departments large and small contact CGR for review and approval of their donations and sponsorships to non-profit organizations, and CGR ensures that these donations are made to appropriate parties, for appropriate reasons, in order to protect the mission of the University. Once CGR confirms approval, departments follow their internal purchasing and approval procedures.

  1. Email your sponsorship and donation requests to Edward Samayoa, CGR Operations Manager, for initial review
    1. Please include the Charitable Donations or Contributions Supplemental Form along with all relevant backup documentation, including invoices, solicitations, etc., with your request.
  2. CGR will initiate the DocuSign approval flow, and will include the original requester’s email address in the flow so that the requester will automatically receive the fully-signed request packet once all approvals have been recorded.
  3. Once the Charitable Donations or Contributions Supplemental Form has been fully approved, attach a copy of the form to your BearBuy Payment Request Form to request payment. Select the Donation/Contribution as the Activity Type on the Payment Request Form.
  4. Submit your form in BearBuy. 

For questions you may have about UCSF’s program for charitable giving to non-profit organizations, please contact Edward Samayoa or Michael Fortes, Director of Office Operations and University Relations.