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COVID-19 News: Reimbursement on Ride-Share Services for Essential Functions

Essential on-site staff who must commute to their UCSF work locations or in between campus locations in order to perform essential functions and who no longer have access to UCSF shuttles or public transportation during their shifts given curtailments at BART and other transit agencies, may be reimbursed for commuting costs incurred using ride shares. The staff member's department must pre-authorize these ride-share expenses. The expense is considered an exceptional expense and must also be approved by the Control Point's Exceptional Approver. However, the department should first consider if there are any other alternative options available rather than ride shares, such as having staff drive their personal cars to commute to work and between sites. These ride-share costs are allowed for the period that UCSF is impacted by COVID-19.

The authorized ride share expenses should be submitted through a MyExpense expense report to be reimbursed. In your expense report, please enter “Essential staff performing work on-site during COVID-19” as the business purpose and use the COVID-19 Project ID ‘2014758’ in the chartstring for the expense. Be sure to have your Control Point's Exceptional Approver approve of the expense report.