Check Request - Form 5 Non-Payroll (U5-2)



Check Request Form Instructions

Complete the following required information on the form.

  • Voucher Number – CJJJxxxx (a unique 8 character dept. assigned number – "C" followed by preparer's 3 character Journal ID assigned by General Accounting and four digit departmental reference number).
  • Vendor Number – if known.
  • Date – current date (usually the date you have completed the form prior to obtaining approval signature).
  • Payee name and complete address.
  • Amount to be paid.
  • SpeedType number
  • Fill in Chartstring (only required if Speedtype not present) with Business Unit, Account, Fund, Dept ID, Project, Activity Period, Function, and Flexfield (optional).
  • Check handling instruction – the default option and best practice is to mail the check directly to the payee based on the address on file. 
    • To send the check via intercampus mail back to the department, provide recipient’s name and department box number.
  • Preparer's name and phone number
  • Appropriate signature authorization
  • Reason of Payment – Purpose of the Check Request (petty cash, research subject, patient refund).
  • Attach required supporting documentation to check request:
  • Send completed Check Request with back-up documentation to [email protected].