Computers and Peripherals

The following is information needed when purchasing computers and peripherals.

  • Joint Administrative Computing Standards (JACS) – These are standard configurations in use at UCSF for Windows and Apple PCs.  Information Technology Field Services (ITFS) determines the recommended models for UCSF users to standardize the support for these computers, making it less costly and with faster response to support requests.  Standardized models also reduce the purchase price to the users by allowing us to aggregate campus spend with preferred vendors and obtain better pricing contracts. More information on JACS is available on the UCSF website.
  • Apple provides a BearBuy punch-out for selecting Apple computers. The punch-out features JACS models on the first page, under “Recommended for you.”  You can customize these models by selecting the one you want and adding it to your cart.  Once in the cart, “Customize” appears as a button. Apple ordering is done only through the punch-out.
  • CDW-G sells computer peripherals such as mice, keyboards and encrypted flash drives through a BearBuy punch-out. You can search for the item you want in the contract search area. Please do not buy computers through CDW-G as they will not have ITFS support.
  • Dell provides a BearBuy punch-out for purchasing Windows PCs.  Their punch-out features JACS models under “Standard Configurations” – click on “view all” to see all the JACS models (“JACS recommendations” under “Category” column).  UC Health also has models specified for the Medical Center, as “UC Health recommends.”  These are “Smart Select” models and the hardware cannot be customized/configured.  Learn more about the different ways to purchase and retrieve quotes from the BearBuy Dell Punch-out in the Dell Punch-out How to Buy Guide.
  • How to create a Dell equote
    • NOTE: Dell eQuotes are not necessary on most items. The Dell punch-out contains a wide assortment of products. This method allows you to place items you buy frequently into a cart and save it for future use
    • If you need a configuration that is NOT available in the Dell Punch-out, you will need to contact the Dell sales representative, Sonya Munoz at to obtain a special quote.
  • How to use an e-quote or sales quote
  • Additional Dell information:
    • Ensure your billing and ship to addresses are correct on the PO, as Dell cannot correct them once the order is in; they can only cancel and resubmit the order, causing delivery delays.
    • Dell has a strict 30-day return policy; please open packages quickly.  See Dell’s return policy.
    • Special orders will take 10 to 14 days’ lead time.  Check your order status here.
    • If you require expedited shipping, you must add “Next Day Shipping” to your order – this will be an added cost to your order, depending on weight (usually between $50-$80 for most PCs).
    • Dell order support information or Customer Service: 1-800-274-7799, option 4.

SHI can provide new software to UCSF users.  However, before you purchase new software, please check with ITFS to see if they already have the software you need.

If you have questions regarding computer purchases (not technical questions, please refer to ITFS for those), please contact Joanne Petersen,, or John Arbolino, If you have BearBuy-related questions, please contact the IT Service Desk at (415) 514-4100 option 2 or