Construction Invoicing

Submitting Invoices for Payment

Instructions for submitting contract invoices and FSC client department purchase order (PO) invoices to FSC AP for Processing

Note: Suppliers who have completed the onboarding process to submit PO invoices electronically via Transcepta MUST submit using that method

Invoice Requirements

UCSF requires several elements to be included on all invoices in order to be eligible for processing:

  • Identified with the word Invoice or Application for Payment
  • Unique Invoice number (No prior invoice from the supplier with the same invoice number)
  • Invoice Date
  • Billed To UCSF – with a UCSF contact and mailing address
  • Remit to address that matches a validated company address in the AP System
  • If not (or if supplier has moved)  they must submit an updated W-9 form to [email protected]
  • Must reference a valid UCSF Purchase Order or Contract Authorization number
  • Must include itemized/detailed billing, subtotaled with taxes (if applicable) and Grand Total Due
  • When applicable, must include supporting documentation, receipts, etc. for claimed reimbursable expenses

sample invoice can be found by clicking on the link here or going to the Supply Chain Management website.

E-Payments (EFT/ACH)

All UCSF contractors and suppliers are encouraged to sign up to have payment transferred directly into your business account


UCSF is moving toward electronic submission of invoices — suppliers who’ve been contacted by UCSF or third-party e-invoicing partner Transcepta about transitioning to e-invoicing must respond to this request or risk receiving unfavorable payment terms applied to future orders

  • Suppliers who’ve already completed onboarding to the Transcepta platform MUST submit all debit invoices using this method

For questions regarding the e-invoicing onboarding process, contact [email protected]
For questions about specific invoices /payment status of documents submitted via Transcepta, submit an inquiry to the SCM Response Team .

UCSF Medical Center Invoices

UCSF Medical Center (UCSF Health) and UCSF Campus are separate entities in terms of their administration and systems; if you are billing against a contract or Purchase Order that was issued through UCSF Medical Center (either from Medical Center Supply Chain or Office of Design and Construction) you will need to submit billing directly to Medical Center for processing.

  • Check your PO or Contract for specific billing instructions for your Medical Center PO or Contract
  • If you are not sure, you can contact Medical Center Accounts Payable at [email protected]

Reports and Analysis

Ad hoc reports and contract spend reconciliations may be available upon request; please contact [email protected]