Glossary of Terms

Accounts Payable

The Accounts Payable Office has campus-wide responsibility for the processing, analysis, reconciliation and problem solving related to accounts payable transactions. They provide systems support, policies, procedures, and training to facilitate the processing of payables transactions including invoices, leases, non‐Purchase Order payment requests, other non‐payroll payments and travel and entertainment reimbursements. 


When a shopping cart is routed to another Shopper for authorization prior to the creation of the requisition, this Shopper is referred to as the ‘Cart Authorizer.'

Assigned Approval

Can be either draft carts that users have assigned to you or approvals that are specifically assigned to you. You must approve these transactions so that they can proceed through workflow.

BearBuy UCSF's online procure-to-pay system

Campus Buyers have the professional expertise, skills and knowledge to handle complex and high value transactions. These individuals have been delegated the authority to process transactions above low value delegated limits.

Cart Authorizer

BearBuy function where a shopping cart is routed to another shopper for review or for authorization

Change Order

Purchase Order (PO) change such as adding a line to a PO, canceling a PO line, canceling a PO and modifying chartfields. Also referred to as a revision. Only Change Order Preparers or Campus Buyers can do change orders.

Chartfield 1 & 2 Authorizer

Approver role assigned in BFS. Responsible for reviewing and approving Requisitions. Requisition is routed to the Chartfield 1 & 2 Authorizer if the department has assigned Authorizers to that Chartfield 1 & 2.


Refers to completing workflow process and includes Requisitions and Purchase Orders.


BearBuy forms used to order goods and services that are not available in hosted catalogs or have specific backup requirements and approval workflow.

Hosted Catalog

An online version of a Supplier's catalog with negotiated pricing for UCSF


The Supplier document sent to UCSF Accounts Payable to request payment for services rendered or goods shipped.

Match Exception

Match exceptions occur when a Voucher and Purchase Order do not match and exceed the tolerance level. A Match Exception/Voucher Preparer must research and clear Match Exceptions.

Match Exception Approver

Responsible for reviewing the Match Exception Preparers findings. They review all the research the Match Exception Preparer has conducted and then confirm if payment should be made or not.

Match Exception Preparer

Reviews vouchers that have fallen into Match Exception. This individual is responsible for identifying what caused the match exception. Based on their research they are able to identify if the match exception voucher in question should be approved or not.

Non‐catalog Item

The non‐catalog item popup window where you can create an item not found in your catalog.


Order Status. Identifies transactions (i.e. Requisitions, Purchase Orders, and Vouchers) still pending approval or pending completion of workflow steps.

Punch‐Out Catalog

Integrated links to a Supplier’s online catalog. When you access a punch‐out catalog you are punching out to the Supplier’s UC-priced site where you add things to your cart and then return to BearBuy to complete your order.

Purchase Order

Legally binding document sent electronically, via fax or email to an external Supplier. A purchase order is an agreement between UCSF and the Supplier to acquire and provide specified goods or services.

Receipts in BearBuy

Electronic receipts where shipping information is recorded acknowledging receipts of good or services.


Responsible for creating receipts in BearBuy for the department. Shoppers do not need to have this role to create receipts for orders they have submitted.


Request to purchase goods and services are added to carts in BearBuy. Once the cart has been submitted, the cart is called a Requisition (request to purchase). The BearBuy system converts a Requisition into a Purchase Order once it completes approval workflow.

Requisition Approver

Role assigned to individuals who are responsible for reviewing Requisition to ensure request is within policy and required documentation has been provided.

Requisition Creator

Responsible for completing all required information including ship to information, billing information, etc.


Refers to the status of a Requisition or Cart when it has been returned to the individual who submitted the cart.

Ship To Location Code

The location to which the purchased goods will be sent by the Supplier. Located on the BearBuy Shipping screen.


Individuals who can shop and create a BearBuy shopping cart. A Shopper must assign or submit the cart into workflow to initiate a Requisition.

Shopping Cart

An electronic basket in BearBuy that is used to hold items that a Shopper or Requisition Creator would like to purchase. BearBuy converts a Shopping Cart into a Requisition once it is submitted into approval workflow.


Refers to the BearBuy action required (clicking on the appropriate button) so that BearBuy converts the order from a Shopping Cart to a Requisition. In order to "Submit" an order, Shoppers must know the appropriate Org Node for the order. The Cart is sent to a Requisition Creator's worklist based on the Org Node. Once the Requisition Creator has completed the requisition, it will continue in the approval flow.


A company or individual that provides a product or a service to UCSF. Previously referred to as a Vendor.

Unassigned Approval

Pending approvals in a shared workflow folder that have not yet been assigned to a specific approver. The BearBuy user processing the transaction must assign the order to themselves, before processing.

Unit of Measure (UOM)

Specifies the unit or volume of a product or good.


Electronic version of a Supplier invoice created in BearBuy.

Voucher Approver

Responsible for approving vouchers which authorizes payment to the Supplier. A Voucher Approver also approves Match Exceptions submitted by Match Exception Approvers. See Match Exception Approver above.