SCM COVID-19 Updates
The SCM COVID-19 News and Updates page keeps you informed about our operations during the pandemic. Click the link below for the latest updates.

NEW: SCM now also offers a COVID Store in BearBuy where you can buy gloves, masks, gowns, face shields and disinfectant supplies.




Learn the ins and outs and best practices for buying goods and services that you need to do your job and support the mission of the University.


Whether you're new to UCSF and need to learn the procurement system or an old-timer who needs some refresher courses, we have webinars and training guides as well as the latest system updates.


Logistics is your one-stop shop for mail services, storage (including a freezer farm), moving, installation and delivery, surplus and an online warehouse for gases and alcohol. 

Doing Business with UCSF

Suppliers interested in working with UCSF can check out our comprehensive guidelines for conducting business with the University. 

Supplier Diversity Program

UCSF promotes business relationships and contract opportunities with small, diverse and disadvantaged businesses wishing to provide goods and services to the University community. Learn about the Supplier Diversity Program and how diverse businesses are supported at the University.