Inbound Freight Program

The objective of the Inbound Freight program is to reduce the costs of inbound freight by up to 40 percent by directing suppliers to use our very competitive UC freight contracts for “freight added” orders. This initiative is a partnership between UCSF, couriers and Vantage Point Logistics (VPL), and was inspired by the program implemented at the UCSF Medical Center which is delivering over $500,000 in annual freight cost savings. There are no operational changes in the ordering process in BearBuy or interactions with the supplier with this program.

How are shipping charges tracked?

Inbound freight is defined as a shipping charge for delivering products to your departments. Instead of suppliers charging us their own shipping rates, suppliers will use UCSF’s courier account number for shipments. This account number is for internal use only and BearBuy users do not have to handle the charges. Couriers will bill directly for these shipping charges, and VPL will in turn bill UCSF for the shipping charges (at rates which are very favorable to UCSF).  VPL will prepare electronic files for each order which feed directly into PeopleSoft, UCSF’s financial system, charging the chartfields of the corresponding BearBuy purchase order. 

How do charges appear in MyReports?

Departments will see charges for the supplier and VPL listed separately in MyReports. Payments to the supplier are for merchandise and tax. Payments to VPL are for shipping only.

For instructions on running the MyReports Transaction Detail Report, refer to the VPL Freight Invoice Reports Job Aid.