Making a Purchase

What to do How Do I Do It
Before deciding to use your Procurement Card (P-Card), review UCSF supplier options

Consider these options before selecting an outside supplier:

  • BearBuy catalog shopping
  • Strategic Sourcing Agreements
  • UC Systemwide Agreements
  • Campus Purchasing Department (restricted Agreement Vendors).
  • Campus Service Units (CLS, Catering, Mail and Document Services, Facilities)
Review the P-Card Website Read the P-Card Overview information and guidelines for purchasing a variety of goods and services.
If you decide to use your P-Card, contact an outside supplier

If you choose to purchase from an outside supplier using your P-Card, contact the supplier:

  • By phone
  • On a secure website
  • In person
  • Facsimile
Determine price and availability
  1. Inform the supplier that you are a UCSF employee.
  2. Request any educational discounts that apply.
  3. Request price and availability of the product.

Note: Per LVPA policy, the single purchase amount that is allowed is up to a maximum of $5,000 (including tax, freight and handling).

Determine taxation
  1. Ask the supplier if sales tax will be applied to the item. UCSF must pay sales tax on taxable goods, even if the tax is not applied at the time of purchase.
  2. Annotate on the itemized receipt whether sales tax was applied at the point of sale (Merchant sometimes can only provide level 1 data – i.e. total sales include tax at the point of sale).
  3. Retain all itemized receipts.
  4. Ensure tax code is appropriately coded when reconciling transactions in U.S. Bank Access Online.
Provide account information

Provide the authorized supplier your P-Card information:

  • Account number
  • Expiration date
  • CVV (located on back of card)
  • If the vendor requests a billing address, use your campus or office address EXACTLY as it appears on the card insert sleeve.    
  • If the vendor requests a PIN, that merchant is equipped with a terminal that uses a secured EMV technology (aka CHIP & PIN Card).

    Provide the PIN number you have received in the mail (Important Note: This PIN is NOT allowed to use for cash withdrawals at ATM machines).
Provide the shipping address

If your purchase requires shipping, provide your campus or office address. Tell the merchant to add your name and phone number to the shipping label for fast and prompt delivery to you.

Turn in the documentation

It is the responsibility of the Cardholder and Reviewer/Approver to verify and approve the P-Card transactions online by the 15th calendar day after statement end date. This is done by logging into the U.S. Bank Access Online. Use the Campus Reconciliation Schedule and Medical Center Reconciliation Schedule as your guide to determine deadlines prior to posting to the General Ledger.

ComplianceDepartment is the office of record for documentation. Requested documents shall be made available to Card Program Office to comply with policy.