Match Exception Handler

Match Exception Handlers review and approve their department’s invoices in BearBuy. This training demonstrates how to access pending invoices in BearBuy and take action on the invoice.

  • Match Exception Handlers review invoices in BearBuy and determine whether to pay the invoice or not. The invoices that you’ll review require approval before being paid because they don’t quite match the order your department placed in BearBuy. For instance, the invoice may have a higher price or include additional items. Match exceptions occur when the invoice exceeds the BearBuy order by at least 10 percent or $500. It is up to you as the Match Exception Handler to research the situation and decide whether to pay the invoice.
  • When an invoice requires approval, you will receive a notification email from BearBuy.
  • The system determines who can approve the invoice based on the Procurement Dept Code entered on the order. Your department may have more than one Match Exception Handler, any of whom can approve the invoice.
  • Match Exception Handlers can approve or reject the invoice. Match Exception Handlers cannot edit the invoice.
  • Before obtaining the Match Exception Handler role, you must complete the webinar available through the UC Learning Center.

Version Date: December 2022