Small and Diverse Suppliers in BearBuy

BearBuy has a Supplier Diversity section with tools designed to simplify the sourcing of small and diverse suppliers. The section can be found on the bottom-left corner of the BearBuy landing page (see image right).

Use the Explorer Professional tool to find a list of certified small and diverse suppliers across the University of California (UC) system. Just below that you’ll find the UCSF Certified Small and Diverse Supplier List which is a quarterly snapshot of all small and diverse suppliers registered in BearBuy and recently used by a UCSF department. There are over 1100 certified small and diverse suppliers registered in BearBuy.

Finding a Small and Diverse Supplier in BearBuy

You can use the simple and advanced search bar on the landing page of BearBuy to find small and diverse supplier that have hosted and punchout catalogs. These catalogs are specially negotiated and provides the best rate for UCSF. Suppliers include America To Go, One Workplace, Neta Scientific and Stygian.

To find a non-hosted or non-catalog supplier in BearBuy, use the Browse: Suppliers filter on the upper-right-hand corner of the landing page (Image A) or use the shopping cart icon on the left-hand sidebar (Image B). The browse by view lets you find a supplier through an alphabetical list. You can also expand the section and use the Search For Supplier feature to find any registered supplier. The BearBuy profile will have all the contact details and information required to create a purchase order (PO).

For questions, feedback or assistance, please contact Supply Chain Management Strategic Sourcing Professional Marliz Copado.

Supplier Diversity section in BearBuy
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