Capital Asset Surplus Property Disposal

The UCSF Capital Asset Surplus Program coordinates the resale of capitalized equipment, those items that at initial purchase were valued at more than $5,000 and have a UCSF property number. Logistics manages the sale of these items through Public Surplus, a third-party, online auction website. 

To register with Public Surplus as a member of the UCSF Community:

  • Navigate to Public Surplus 
  • Enter the Registration Code CURE 70 CRAM 39  (This code is both case and space sensitive)
  • Fill out the rest of the registration
  • Provide a user name and password
  • You will receive a Confirmation Email prior to your account being activated, along with a confirmation code.  

When accessing the Public Surplus website you must enter your Public Surplus user name and password each time


The first seven days the item is exclusively listed on the Public Surplus website for UCSF departments as an "inter-departmental transfer" via a financial journal. If not sold within the first week, the item continues to be listed on the Public Surplus website for another two weeks for purchase by the general public. Departments may continue to purchase during this phase of the auction.

Logistics charges hourly rates to transport the items to our Oyster Point facility, as well as any other related work. 

The following amounts are deducted from the selling price:

  • Public Surplus fee: 10 percent of the selling amount
  • Sales tax:  Any applicable state tax
  • Logistics charges: The first $500 of the sale revenue

Departments receive the remainder of the revenue.

Note: The University of California, San Francisco Capital Asset Surplus Program is a function of Supply Chain Management (SCM) Logistic. SCM retains authority as the Surplus Manager, delegated from University of California Office of the President. The program is governed and managed in accordance with University of California Policy BFB-BUS-38.

For more information, please visit our Capital Asset Surplus Terms and Conditions for Departments page

Capital Asset Surplus Process Overview


  • Complete the UCSF Capital Asset Surplus form
  • Click the Submit button on the form and a member of the Logistics Surplus team will contact you.


  • Upon receipt, Logistics reviews and coordinates the pickup and sale of the item.
  • Logistics returns the proceeds in excess of $500 to the requesting department.


Departmental signoff is required for these compliance areas and can be completed on the UCSF Capital Asset Surplus form.

Public Surplus

Logistics manages the sale of these items through Public Surplus, a third-party online auction website.

Once on the Public Surplus landing page:

  • Click Region – Select California
  • Click Agency – Select University of California San Francisco
  • Click “View All Auctions for University of California San Francisco”

Departments fill out a Capital Asset Surplus form to indicate their intention to surplus a capitalized asset. Upon receipt, Logistics reviews the submitted form and coordinates the pickup.

  • Logistics then posts the item on Public Surplus for an online auction.
  • The first seven days of auction is exclusively for UCSF departments, after which the item continues to be posted for an additional 14 days for bids from general public.
  • Logistics retains the first $500 of sale revenue to cover the costs of maintaining the Capital Asset Surplus program; departments receive all revenue in excess of $500.

Clear My Office/Laboratory

Logistics provides pickup and disposal of non-capital assets. If departments have a space or room to be quickly cleared or have a large number of non-capital items to dispose of, we can take care of those projects under our Labor Services division.

When ready:

Do you have an account with us?

  1. If not, Request a Logistics Online Warehouse account
  2. If yes, login to MyAccess. (If you are already logged in to MyAccess, this link will take you directly to UCSF Logistics Online Warehouse page. In that case you can go to Step 4)
  3. Select UCSF Logistics Online Warehouse
  4. Under Service Requests, select Labor Services
  5. Complete the form and submit


We responsibly recycle any non-capital items to the appropriate recycling or waste streams. We collaborate closely with different UCSF departments such as Facilities Services and Office of Sustainability. We also work closely with outside companies, including: ECS Refining, DC Metals, South San Francisco Scavengers and International Papers, to recycle or dispose of e-waste, metal, wood, plastic, paper and garbage to the appropriate streams.

UCSF Facilities Services conducts "Bulky Item" and "e-Waste" drop-off days for campus departments to dispose of their bulky items and e-waste. Check out the Office of Sustainability’s Recycling & Waste Reduction page for more information.