Payment Status

All invoices submitted as a Payment Request by your department in BearBuy or invoices related to a purchase order (PO) will be processed by Accounts Payable through the BearBuy system.

After an invoice is fully approved in BearBuy, it will export to PeopleSoft, and finally to MyReports. The recommended tool for researching payment details is MyReports. MyReports will help you find the payment details or scheduled payment date, as well as funding information.

BearBuy will show the approvals workflow and payment details, but it will not display the scheduled payment date – this can be viewed in MyReports (after the invoice is fully approved in BearBuy).

Note: The "invoice number" is the number the supplier entered on the invoice, whereas the "voucher number" is a unique 8-digit number assigned to the invoice automatically by the BearBuy system. The voucher number always starts with the number 5.


MyReports is managed by the UCSF Controller's Office. For assistance using the MyReports application, contact [email protected].


Accounts Payable and BearBuy are managed by UCSF Supply Chain Management (SCM). For assistance with an invoice or BearBuy, contact the SCM Response Team.

Version Date: April 2021