Procurement Card Roles and Responsibility Levels

The following roles governs Procurement Card (P-Card) program workflow, ensures security and manages the procurement process:

  •  Department Head (includes MSO or Principal Investigator)
  •  Cardholder
  •  Department Reviewer/Approver
  •  Card Program Services Office (Central Unit located within Supply Chain Management)

Department Head (includes MSO or Principal Investigator) Responsibilities

  • Request P-Card for specific Cardholders
  • Assigns the Reviewer/Approver
  • Establish the default Chart of Accounts (COA) or chartstring

Cardholder Responsibilities

  • Follow P-Card guidelines and policies
  • Keep your card safe and secure
  • Purchase allowable goods, not restricted
  • Review web/email notifications
  • Approve P-Card transactions online via U.S. Bank Access Online Management System and allow sufficient time for the Reviewer/Approver to review each transaction by the 15th calendar day after statement end date. Retain at least one supporting document for each transaction charge (i.e. receipt, web/email confirmation or vendor invoice) and forward to department Reviewer/Approver.
  • Return the P-Card when reassigned or terminated or upon department’s request

Department Reviewer/Approver Responsibilities

  •  Accountable for all goods purchased by the cardholder.
  • Administer procedures to review and approve low-value goods and services received.
  • Review and approve all transactions via U.S. Bank Access Online Management System by the 15th calendar day after statement end date.
  • Retain all supporting documents for each transaction and provide to the Corporate/P-Card Administrator and/or Controller’s Office upon request.
  • Ensures P-Card is cancelled and surrendered by the cardholder upon termination.
  • Communicate with the Card Program Services office when cancellations are required.
  • Review web/email notifications.

Card Program Services Office: P-Card Administrator Responsibilities

  • Oversee day-to-day management and operation of the P-Card program.
  • Coordinate with U.S. Bank to monitor dispute activities regarding additions, changes and cancellations to cardholder accounts.
  • Reviews request for activation and issuance of P-Card to department employees
  • Audit and reviews P-Card transactions to ensure compliance with policy.

Audit Reviews

The Card Program Services office will establish procedures for department administrative reviews of the P-Card policies and procedures for the guidelines set forth in BUS-43. The review involves pulling a statistical sample of cardholder records to insure verification of compliance. Any special exception requests granted to the department will be included in this review. Sanctions will be imposed for any misuse and abuse of the P-Card by the cardholders or reviewers.