Requisition Approver

Requisition Approvers review and approve their department’s BearBuy submissions. This training demonstrates how to access pending orders in BearBuy and take action on the requisition.

  • Orders > $500 and certain transactions, such as Payment Requests, require approval.
  • When a requisition requires approval, you will receive a notification email from BearBuy.
  • The system determines who can approve the requisition based on the Procurement Dept Code entered on the order. Your department may have more than one Requisition Approver, any of whom can approve the requisition.
  • As a Requisition Approver, you may be added to a requisition as an Optional Approver (Pre-Approver or Ad Hoc Approver) by your department’s Requester. In this case, only you can approve the requisition.
  • Requisition Approvers can approve or reject the requisition or return it to the Requester to edit and resubmit. The Requisition Approver cannot edit the requisition.

Version Date: December 2022