Book Lodging

The travel policy establishes daily expense maximums based on the location and duration of travel.  Lodging is reimbursed based on actual costs substantiated by receipts: 

  • Up to $275 nightly room rate for travel of less than 30 days within the continental United States (CONUS)
  • Up to the per diem rate for travel outside the continental United States (OCONUS) and foreign travel.  See Policy G 28, Travel Regulations Appendix B for per diem rate information. 
  • Further limitations may be applied by funding sources or departmental budgets, and exceptions might be considered with justification, but should not be presumed.

Make your hotel reservations using Connexxus to obtain UC contracted rates and preferred lodging providers. UC policy only allows reimbursement for lodging when the location is more than 40 miles from the traveler’s home or place of work, unless the overnight stay is required by the employer (i.e., an event coordinator must be onsite for late night and early morning set-up).

Nightly Lodging Cap on CONUS Travel

Travel Regulations include a $275 nightly room rate cap for lodging less than 30 days within the continental United States. This cap excludes taxes and resort fees, and does not apply to lodging outside the continental United States or to trips of 30 days or longer.

Unless there are documented extenuating circumstances, the traveler will be reimbursed for actual costs up to the $275 policy limit.

Process for costs exceed the nightly cap

The traveler must provide written justification along with additional documentation such as price comparisons within the proximity of the meeting location that supports the higher lodging rate. The price comparison should be performed at the time of booking. It is recommended that travelers use the address of their event or conference and search for hotels within 2-5 mile radius.

Unless there is acceptable written justification along with supporting documentation, the traveler will be reimbursed up to the $275 policy cap.

Travelers attending a conference where the prearranged conference lodging rate exceeds the $275 per night cap

The traveler may stay at the conference hotel.

The traveler or delegate should add a comment to the expense report explaining the conference was held at the hotel and recommended by the conference. In addition, the traveler or delegate shall provide a screenshot or other documentation showing the recommended conference hotels.

Lodging booked prior to October 15, 2017 where the lodging stay takes place after October 15, 2017

The traveler or delegate should add a detailed comment to the expense report explaining why the $275 limit is being exceeded and why they are unable to book at another hotel which does not exceed the cap, along with any supporting documentation justifying the spend over this cap.

Paying For a Hotel

You can pay for your hotel with a personal credit card, corporate travel card or cash. Direct billing is not available for hotels.

A detailed receipt is required for reimbursement showing that charges were paid in full. Some hotel expenses such as mini-bar, spa treatments, in-room movies and entertainment are considered personal use and will not be reimbursed.