Buying Forms

After-the-Fact Justification

This form is used when purchases:

  • Are "unauthorized purchases" per UCOP Bus 43 policy
  • Have been committed to the supplier without proper authorization
  • Are against policy and will be tracked for reporting purposes
  • Require justification for why this transaction was after the fact

Report of Potential Conflict of Interest Form

Form to report and certify proposed purchasing transaction involving possible conflict of interest

Controlled Substances

Get approval for buying DEA-controlled substances

Pre-Hire Worksheet

Complete the pre-hire worksheet for independent contractors.

Source Selection & Price Reasonableness Justification Form

The department should complete this form to substantiate the appropriateness of source selection and price reasonableness (SSPRJ). Key requirements such as source selection, competition, price reasonableness, use of small businesses, and conflicts of interest must be addressed appropriately.