Claim Expenses for Reimbursement

MyExpense is the UCSF campus automated reimbursement system for employee travel and non-travel, and guest travel expenses. MyExpense replaces paper Travel Expense Voucher Forms and Payment Request Forms for most reimbursements.

Employees or their delegate create Expense Reports in MyExpense to obtain reimbursement for travel-related expenses, meeting and entertainment meals, and miscellaneous (parking, tolls, mileage, supplies, etc.) expenses. Guest (including federally sponsored project participant support and research subject) travel expense reimbursement, and employee cash advances are also requested via MyExpense.

Employees are responsible for reporting actual expenses within 45 days of the End of Trip/Last Purchase Date to ensure timely reporting of expenses and to avoid IRS tax implications. Employee expense reports submitted to an Approver more than 60 days after the trip end date or last purchase date will be reported as taxable income for the employee being reimbursed and subject to applicable payroll taxes. This policy is not limited to travel or meetings/events expenses; it applies to any reimbursements for any purpose, including purchases of supplies. Campus departments should use BearBuy or P-Card to make purchases of goods and services.

For monthly recurring expenses submitted for reimbursement quarterly, expense reports submitted to the Approver more than 60 days after the last day of the quarter will be reported as taxable income to the employee being reimbursed. It is important that Approvers continue to approve expense reports in a timely manner and confirm that the date entered in "End of Trip/Last Purchase Date" in MyExpense is accurate and matches submitted documentation.  Students, affiliates, guest travelers, and other non-employee expense reports are not currently subject to these IRS guidelines on taxability of late expense reports. 

Use MyExpense to Reimburse

  • Employee and guest (including federally sponsored project participant support and research subject) travel reimbursement
  • Cash advances for employees
  • Reimbursement for entertainment meals and expenses paid out-of-pocket by an employee
  • Miscellaneous employee business expense reimbursements paid out-of-pocket by an employee
  • Reimbursement for Uniform Allowance
  • Tuition reimbursement
  • Reimbursement for non-cash awards and gifts given to employees

New users should start by viewing Introduction to MyExpense before preparing an expense report.

The job aids for MyExpense Users explain specific actions:

MyExpense Approvers should review the MyExpense Approver Guide for step-by-step instructions, and campus Department Heads should use the MyExpense Delegation of Approval Authority Form if they need to delegate approval authority to a designated individual for cash advances and employee expense reimbursements. MyExpense Delegates should review the Acting as a Delegate in MyExpense job aid.

Review the reimbursement frequently asked questions for additional guidance.

Log into MyExpense (via MyAccess)