Claim Expenses for Reimbursement

Important: Expense reports should be submitted within 45 days after the completion of the trip or last purchase date. When a trip lasts more than 90 days, a quarterly report is required. Employee reimbursement requests submitted after 60 days will be reported as taxable income, read more about late expense reports. Note: Employee Moving and Relocation expenses, including expenses paid directly by the University, are reported as taxable income.

Expense Categories and Guidelines

Follow the guidelines below to request reimbursement through MyExpense (accessible via UCSF MyAccess) or email a Travel Expense Voucher (TEV).

Expense Category Submission Method

Reimbursement Guidelines, what's reimbursable?

Receipt Requirements
Meeting & Entertainment MyExpense*

Allowable Meeting & Entertainment Expenses

  • All expenses of $75 or more
  • For employee relocation and associated travel expenses, submit a Travel Expense Voucher (TEV).
  • For all other employee and non-employee travel, submit a claim through MyExpense.*

Travel Reimbursement Claims

  • All airline charges, lodging, rental cars
  • All registration fees
  • Host gifts of $25 or more
  • All expenses of $75 or more
  • All extraordinary items, supported by appropriate justification
Employee Moving & Relocation

Travel Expense Voucher (TEV)

Reimbursement Claims for Employee Moving & Relocation Expenses

  • All moving (non-travel) expenses, e.g., packing and moving household items, etc.
  • All third-party payments made directly by the University
  • All extraordinary items, supported by appropriate justification
  • Also, see "Travel" above
Awards & Gifts to Employees MyExpense*

Allowable Awards & Gifts

  • All expenses require a receipt

Gifts presented to a Non-Employee


Allowable Gifts

  • All expenses require a receipt
Business expenses paid by an Employee MyExpense*


  • All expenses require a receipt
Uniform Allowance MyExpense*


  • All expenses require a receipt
Tuition Reimbursement MyExpense*


  • All expenses require documentation

*Do not use MyExpense for the following: For wire payment to a foreign individual, submit a Travel Expense Voucher (TEV). For payment to a supplier, including a temporary employee or contractor hired through an agency, use your BearBuy Purchase Order (PO).

Travel Expense Voucher (TEV)

Submit a Travel Expense Voucher (TEV) to claim reimbursement for employee relocation expenses (and associated travel expenses) or to claim any reimbursement that requires wire payment to a foreign individual.

  • Email the completed form to [email protected], or mail the form via campus mail to SCM Accounts Payable, Box 0812.

Domestic Travel Expense Voucher Excel Form          Foreign Travel Expense Voucher Excel Form


MyExpense is the UCSF automated reimbursement system for employee travel and non-travel expenses (except employee relocation) and guest travel expenses (payment in USD only).

MyExpense Training and Webinars

Webinars and e-Courses

SAP Concur Mobile App for MyExpense

The SAP Concur mobile app is easy to use and can help you create, approve and manage your MyExpense claims from your iOS or Android smartphone.

  • Download the app from the Apple App Store or Android Google Play.

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    Last Updated: September 2022