Employee Moving and Relocation

Employee moving and relocation expenses are defined as the reasonable costs incurred by a new employee, or by a current employee who transfers to a new University location, for moving household goods and personal effects, and the cost of travel to the University location for the individual and his or her household members. These costs can be reimbursed, in part or in full, when supported by invoices and receipts.

Campus Employee Relocation Process Overview

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Note: Supply Chain Management processes employee moving and relocation expenses for UCSF Campus employees only. UCSF Health employees should contact their Health HR Representative for assistance or UCSF Health Accounts Payable (Doris Lin or Peggy Johnson) for payment inquiries.

General Policy Guidelines

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Contracting With Suppliers

Departments may contract directly with suppliers to provide moving and relocation services. In these cases, the University pays the cost of transporting the household goods and personal effects of a new appointee or employee directly to a common carrier or household mover. When contracting with a moving company as part of a household move for a new campus hire, submit your request in BearBuy using the Relocation/Household Moves Form to create a purchase order (PO) for the supplier. The supplier will invoice the University using the purchase order.

Preferred suppliers (moving companies) have contracts with UC Office of the President (UCOP). To search these contracts, log in to CalUSource using your UCSF MyAccess credentials. Review the training materials on the CalUSource website to learn how to search for contracts. Try searching for contracts using keywords, such as "move," "moving," or "relocation."

After the move, the employee will submit a Travel Expense Voucher (TEV) to claim reimbursement for moving and related travel expenses. The employee must include the name of any third-party vendor paid directly by the University and indicate this was a third-party payment on the TEV form. In addition, they must attach supporting documentation, such as a copy of the invoice.

Reimbursement Considerations

Claiming Expenses for Reimbursement

Moving and relocation expense reimbursement requests are submitted using a Travel Expense Voucher (TEV). The TEV must be completed and submitted within 45 calendar days after the expenses were paid or incurred. Additional taxes may be applicable if submitted more than 60 days after the reimbursable expenses were paid or incurred. Reimbursements for all moving and relocation expenses made to employees or paid directly to third parties by UCSF are taxable. All official travel must be properly authorized, reported and reimbursed in accordance with UC Policy.

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Supply Chain Management processes employee moving and relocation expenses for UCSF Campus employees only. UCSF Health employees are paid through a separate process. For questions about moving and relocation, contact:


Last Updated: September 2022