Equipment Receiving, Assembly and Delivery FAQs

How do I arrange to have my equipment routed through Logistics' Oyster Point facility?

The BearBuy requester in your department must select: 

Oyster Point, Oyster Point, 2418REC
620 Forbes Blvd. Oyster Point
So. San Francisco, CA 94080

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How do I know when my equipment is received at Oyster Point?

One of our Logistics employees will contact you the day that your equipment arrives at Oyster Point. Delivery details will be established to meet your needs.

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What if my lab is not ready to take possession of our equipment immediately?

If your equipment needs to be held for a short period of time, we are happy to hold it for you. Should your equipment require longer-term storage, we are able to provide this service on a per-cubic-foot storage basis.

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How do I setup a specific delivery date and time?

Please place a labor request in our UCSF Logistics Online Warehouse website found on MyAccess. If you are first time user of the UCSF Logistics Online Warehouse website, please Request a Logistics Online Warehouse account.

  • Select from Service Request >“Labor Services”
  • Fill out the description of labor; include your BearBuy purchase order number and other information to complete the delivery
  • Click “Continue” to the confirmation page.
  • Select your preferred work date
  • Select the building and room where you want your equipment to be delivered
  • Enter Chart of Accounts (COA) information
  • Click “Continue” to finalize your labor request

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How do I fill out a labor service request?

  • Navigate and login to MyAccess
  • Sign in with your MyAccess credentials
  • Scroll down the page and click  UCSF Logistics Online Warehouse link
  • Click on Service Requests
  • Click on Labor Services
  • Fill out the 200-character field with a brief description of the service needed
  • Click Continue
  • Fill out the mandatory fields and any others that pertain to your order on the common information page
    • Select your Preferred Work Date
    • Select your Location/Building
    • Select your Room Number
    • Enter your Location Contact
    • Enter Location Phone Number
    • Select your Business Unit
    • Enter your Account Number
    • Enter your Fund number
    • Enter your Department ID if different then auto-fill
    • Enter your Project ID
    • Enter the Function
    • Click if your request requires:
      • Decontamination Completed
      • Signature
    • Click I Agree to Terms and Conditions
    • Click Continue
    • Click Continue

Make a note of your Labor Services Request Number – this is your reference number if you have a question.

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If I have an open labor request and do not wish to use it, how do I cancel it?

  • Navigate and login to MyAccess
  • Sign in with your MyAccess credentials
  • Scroll down the page to the UCSF Logistics Online Warehouse link
  • Click on the UCSF Logistics Online Warehouse link
  • Click on My Reports
  • Click on Order Status
  • Click on Search
  • Locate your order number and click to open
  • Click cancel

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