Professional / Personal / Consulting Services

Professional Services

Professional Services are services provided by a licensed professional.  Examples include services provided by Medical Professionals, Lawyers, Accountants and Private Investigators.   

Personal Services

Services provided by someone distinctly qualified to render the service.  Examples include translation services, coaching, art installations and works, contracting with musicians, and buying photography services or photographs

Consultant Services

Consulting Services are “services which are of an advisory nature, provide a recommended course of action or personal expertise, have an end product which is basically a transmittal of information either written or verbal, and which is related to University administration and management.” As such, “consulting” engagements, as defined by policy, will be rare.

Buying Professional, Personal or Consulting Services

  1. Complete the BearBuy Professional/Personal/Consulting Services form. You must provide the following information:
  2. A detailed statement of work must be attached to the Professional/Personal/Consulting Services form in Bearbuy.
  3. If you are buying Consulting Services and wish to consider using your consultant for implementation of their recommendations, you must include that contingency in the Statement of Work at the inception of the original agreement. This can be included as a “phase of work” which the University, at its discretion, may  elect to authorize. Once you engage in an agreement, there are significant prohibitions in Public Contract Code Section 10515 - 10518 on the consultant providing services, goods or supplies during or subsequent to their engagement as a consultant. In simple terms, if you don’t add implementation to the initial Scope of Work, Procurement is barred by law from amending your SOW to include implementation. A new consultant will need to implement the project.
  4. For details on completing the Conflict of Interest or Price Reasonableness and Source Selection sections of the form, read the BearBuy Forms FAQs.                                                                                          


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Last Revised: December 2022