Statement of Work

    The Statement of Work (SOW) is required for:

    • Any purchase of Professional, Consulting or Personal Services
    • Purchases of common services that involve multiple phases, timelines, and/or milestones
    • Purchases of goods, software or equipment with a service component (e.g. installation, training, maintenance) involving multiple phases, timelines and/or milestones

    The SOW should be completed by the end-user department requesting the services. Supplier input may be needed to help complete it. When the SOW is complete, your department should sign under “Read and Understood” on the last page. Please obtain this signature and the supplier’s signature before submitting the SOW with your BearBuy form.


    Note: Using a supplier’s SOW template may require negotiation by an Supply Chain Management (SCM) buyer and delay your order. It is not recommended.



    Statement of Work FAQ