Doing Business with UCSF

The process of adding new suppliers or updating current supplier information in the UCSF supplier database is managed by Supplier Registration in Supply Chain Management. A UCSF department requesting to do business with a supplier or the supplier can submit a completed UCSF Substitute W-9 and Supplier Information Form (or W-8 form if applicable) to [email protected] for processing.    

Becoming a Supplier

  • U.S. suppliers should complete and submit the UCSF Substitute W-9 & Supplier Information Form. Foreign suppliers should complete and submit the appropriate W-8 form.  All completed forms should be emailed to [email protected].
  • Supplier information is reviewed and entered into the UCSF supplier database by the Supplier Registration team within three business days upon receipt of the completed form. The Supplier Registration end-to-end process flow can be viewed here.
  • Once the supplier profile is created in the PeopleSoft supplier database, the supplier will be available for use in BearBuy.
  • If additional information is required in order to create the supplier profile the Supplier Registration team will reach out to the supplier or the person who submitted the request.
  • Supplier Registration will communicate back to the person who submitted the request notifying them once the supplier profile is created or updated. 
  • After the supplier profile is created, the UCSF SCM Buyer manages the procurement process and is responsible for contacting the selected suppliers for additional information as required to engage in business activities (i.e. Bid notification, RFP solicitation, insurance issues, etc.)
  • The supplier should complete and submit a new UCSF Substitute W-9 & Supplier Information Form (or W-8 form if applicable) when significant changes in business data occur such as updated contact information, new tax ID, new order or remittance address, business structure, certifications, etc.
  • Although having a supplier profile does not guarantee that you will be contacted for procurement opportunities, it is a necessary step in our process and will increase the likelihood of being considered for business opportunities

For more information on becoming a supplier, visit our Supplier Registration Frequently Asked Questions page.

Supplier Diversity

For information about the supplier diversity, please visit the Supplier Diversity Program website.