Large Equipment Receiving, Assembling and Delivery

The UCSF large-equipment program enables vendor delivery of goods to Logistics' Oyster Point facility. 

If a thorough inspection does not occur prior to signing for a trucker’s delivery, the department will be liable for concealed damage. Upon arrival at Oyster Point, we uncrate and inspect for external damages before taking possession from the carrier.

By choosing the services provided by the Logistics staff, the customer no longer needs to worry about the potential issues associated with equipment delivery:

  • No loading dock is available for the building
  • Potential injury to department untrained staff while taking possession of the equipment
  • Inability to uncrate and move the equipment due to lack of expertise and required tools
  • Outside carriers do not have key-card access
  • Door removal may be needed to accommodate equipment. Other equipment in the lab may also need to be rearranged to make room for the new equipment.
  • No staff present at time of delivery
  • Additional “inside delivery” fees are charged by the trucking company if the equipment is delivered anywhere other than the dock
  • Lack of space for immediate assembly and installation

Our employees coordinate with your department to schedule a delivery time that works best for you. Our goal is to ensure that your equipment arrives in showroom condition. Routing deliveries through Oyster Point also supports the UCSF Long Range Development Plan to reduce vehicular congestion on campus and minimize the impacts on our neighbors.

When ready:

Do you have an account with us?

  1. If not, Request a Logistics Online Warehouse account
  2. If yes, login to MyAccess. (If you are already logged in to MyAccess, this link will take you directly to UCSF Logistics Online Warehouse page. In that case you can go to Step 4)
  3. Select UCSF Logistics Online Warehouse
  4. Under Service Requests, select Labor Services
  5. Fill out the description of labor; include your BearBuy purchase order number and other information to complete the delivery.