Outbound Freight Program

UCSF partnered with Vantage Point Logistics (VPL) to make it possible to pay FedEx invoices with a BearBuy purchase order (PO). When you enroll your FedEx Account in the Outbound Freight Program, the FedEx Account is switched to electronic invoicing through VPL. VPL will automatically process your FedEx invoices and submit electronic invoices through BearBuy to your VPL Outbound Freight PO.

Benefits to your department:

  • Electronic invoicing eliminates the need to receive and process paper FedEx invoices.
  • Invoices are viewable in BearBuy.
  • Reconciling shipping charges is easier with VPL's shipping activity reports.
  • The BearBuy requisition approval process brings increased visibility to FedEx shipping.

Getting Started:

Frequently Asked Questions:

FedEx Accounts

Purchase Orders

Shipping Labels

Viewing Invoices


Last Updated: December 2022