Outbound Freight Program

UCSF has partnered with Vantage Point Logistics (VPL) and Federal Express to use BearBuy purchase orders (PO) for FedEx outbound shipping (shipping from UCSF to other parties).

Instructions on setting up VPL FedEx purchase orders in BearBuy along with Frequently Asked Questions are available in the FedEx Outbound How to Buy Guide.

Using POs for FedEx shipments brings several benefits to departments:

  • Purchase orders bring increased visibility by allowing requisition approvals of FedEx shipping and the ability to see invoices on a BearBuy PO.
  • Once a PO is generated, departments will no longer receive and process paper invoices. All FedEx shipment invoices will be sent electronically through BearBuy and associated with POs.
  • VPL will offer shipping activity reports that will help the campus reconcile shipping activity and identify where departments can save on shipping costs.

How do charges appear in MyReports?

For packages shipped using your department's FedEx account and BearBuy PO for Outbound Freight, the charges will appear in MyReports as payments to VPL.

For instructions on running the MyReports Transaction Detail Report, refer to the VPL Freight Invoice Reports Job Aid.