Procurement 101

Procurement 101 is a series of training pages created by Supply Chain Management (SCM) that take you through some of the guidelines, policies and useful references you need to purchase goods and services at UCSF.  These are especially significant in light of the change of the Low-Value Purchasing Authorization (LVPA) from $5,000 to $10,000 without the need for central procurement involvement (excludes certain commodity classes such as hazardous and controlled substances).


This move reflects the higher level of sophistication of the department buying communities and the increased controls enabled by the advanced procure-to-pay systems in place at most campuses. This change has multiple benefits for the departments:

  • Departments will be able to execute more of their transactions without the extra time and steps needed to route through central procurement.
  • Central procurement and supply chain professionals will have more capacity to support the department's more strategic procurements and request for proposals (RFPs).

SCM rolled out this change on May 21, 2018. To help departments with this change, SCM has developed training materials, including a recorded webinar, a PowerPoint presentation and online pages. You can connect to these materials below:

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