Facility Rental

When engaging an offsite, non-University of California (UC) facility rental (i.e., multiple hotel guest rooms, a conference facility, restaurant) for an event, there are certain steps that you will need to take to comply with UC policies. Guest rooms for individual UCSF travelers should be booked per UCSF Travel policies and procedures, not through BearBuy/Supply Chain Management (SCM).

Things I Need to Know or Do

When engaging an offsite, non-UC facility rental (with a contract):

  • SCM must review, finalize and sign the contract. This will normally involve the addition of UCSF’s Facility Rental Addendum to address policy compliance issues rarely accommodated in the facility’s contract. The purchase order (PO) will be issued to the facility and used for processing payment.  A copy of the fully executed agreement will be attached to the PO.

Note:  Though a facility may tell you that you have to sign the agreement by a certain date, do not be pressured into doing so without first sending the agreement to SCM for review (preferably as a Word document) attached to the Facility Rental Form in a BearBuy requisition.

  • Complete the Facility Rental Form for all rentals where the hotel/facility/restaurant requires a contract (Note: Agreements regarding logistics only  (food, attendee count, price, etc.) that do not include binding contractual language should be submitted via the Meeting and Entertainment Payment Request Form. These simple confirmations do not need to be routed to SCM, even if the faciity asks for a signature.
  • Important: To help with timely completion, submit a BearBuy requisition as soon as your department is presented with a contract from the facility.
  • Establish use requirements. This information needs to be included in the completed Facility Rental Form:
    • Finalize the dates of your proposed event.
    • Determine the number of guests (including non-UC guests).
    • Indicate whether alcohol is to be served or not.
    • Find out whether the facility requires a certificate of self-insurance from the University.
    • Determine whether any third-party vendors (e.g., outside caterers, florists, audio-visual (AV) services, live entertainment) will be involved in the event.
    • Provide any other relevant information in the Additional Internal Information field on the Facility Rental Form or as an Internal Attachment.
    • Determine the full cost of the facility rental for your event, include lodging, meeting room fee, food and beverages, etc.  This can be an estimated amount.
    • Ask whether a deposit is required (and if so, when it is due).
    • Attach a copy of the facility’s proposed contract to the form.
  • Payment: In order to get the facility paid, these Accounts Payable instructions must be followed:
    • After the PO has been created, submit a Supplemental Form (Meeting and Entertainment/Exceptional Expense Approval Form) for any deposit or payment due.  A completed Supplemental Form must be submitted with each facility rental payment or deposit.  A copy of the contract is required for a deposit request and reference of the PO number.  The completed Supplemental Form must be emailed to [email protected].
    • Payments will be sent directly to the facility.
  • Use must conform to BUS-79.  University policy indicates that an individual event planner should not benefit personally from University event business.  “Loyalty” points offered must be applied as a discount against the overall price of the event to the University (and that discounted price should be reflected on the BearBuy Facility Rental Form). If the facility cannot apply the points in that fashion, then you must decline to use the points.

Version Date: May 2018