Requesting Advance Payments

Generally, goods and services provided to the University are paid for after receipt. On occasion, it may be necessary to provide a known and reputable supplier with an advance payment (prepayment).


Specific Instances where Advanced Payments are Permissible (with proper approval):

  • High-cost equipment manufactured to meet functional specifications
  • Books, periodicals and newspapers, including special order items for trade and professional publications
  • Customized goods/services that cannot be re-sold to others once work has started
  • Facilities/hotel deposits
  • Caterers for food and beverage service for large official functions where caterer requires a deposit
  • Research abroad: including deposits or expenses related to the research
  • Principal investigators and other research personnel who conduct research using human subjects and pay the subjects a small amount (check for entire amount is paid to the investigator or experiment controller)
  • Maintenance service contracts
  • Honoraria
  • Membership dues
  • Seminar and colloquia registration fees
  • Performing artists, when contract requires payment before performance begins

Designated Procurement Director approval is required for all advance payments outside the scope of those listed above.


  1. When creating a PO in BearBuy, check the box  titled 'Advance Payment on the Purchase Requisition'.
  2. After determining if advance payment is permissible, submit the advance payment request via the Payment Request Form in BearBuy.
  3. Attach appropriate supporting documentation to the form indicating the business need for the advance payment (or written confirmation of total cost, including tax, freight, & handling).


  • Route to authorized department approver for all advance payments <$10k.
  • Designated Central Procurement Buyer approval is required for advance payments ≥$10k.