Anyone with a UCSF MyAccess account can log into BearBuy and place items in a shopping cart. However, only Requesters can submit orders. If you do not have the Requester role, assign your shopping cart to one of your department’s designated Requesters to submit the order for you. Your department’s Access Administrator can tell you who is a Requester in your department.

  • When a shopping cart is going through checkout or approvals, it may be referred to as a "requisition." Once the requisition is fully approved, the purchase order (PO) will be generated.
  • Note: Most UCSF Health departments do not use BearBuy at this time. For assistance with purchases, please contact UCSF Health Supply Chain.

Accessing BearBuy

  1. Login to your UCSF MyAccess account.
  2. Click on the BearBuy link to open the application.


  1. Add items to your shopping cart by searching for products in the BearBuy catalogs or supplier "punch-out" ecommerce sites, or shop using BearBuy forms.
  2. Assign the cart to your department's Requester to complete the checkout process and submit the order on your behalf.
Shopping Instructions
Helpful Hints

What happens next?

The Requester will complete the checkout process and submit the order. Before the Requester submits the order, they may return the cart to you to edit or you can unassign the cart from the Requester to edit or cancel the order. After the Requester submits the order, it will undergo approvals and then the purchase (PO) will be dispatched to the supplier.

View My Carts and Orders
Cancel an Order

After you assign the cart to the Requester, you may still have a chance to unassign the cart from the Requester to stop processing of the order. However, once the Requester submits the order, you will need to contact the Requester to withdraw the requisition (if hasn't been fully approved) or contact the supplier to cancel the purchase order (PO).

Pay an Invoice

Warning: Do not use a BearBuy form to submit an invoice for goods/services if you have a purchase order (PO). The supplier should submit the invoice to SCM Accounts Payable for payment.

Version Date: July 2021