BearBuy Feature Updates

BearBuy is upgraded three times a year with new features and functionality. Review the documentation below to learn about new features.

PowerPoint Presentation Webinar Key Updates Release Date
23.3 New Features Presentation (PDF)   Simplified steps for creating an optional receipt directly from a purchase order  November 6, 2023
23.2 New Features Presentation (PDF)   Improved ease of use with revised Hide Sidebar functionality and improved readability with new Approve button July 17, 2023
23.1 New Features Presentation (PDF)   Option to open link in new tab for forms on the landing page and enhanced usability with larger drop area when adding
March 20, 2023
22.3 New Features Presentation (PDF)   Redesigned interface for forms, more intuitive button locations and action menus November 7, 2022
21.3 New Features Presentation (PDF)   Updated interface for Approvals and new icons November 15, 2021
21.2 New Features Presentation (PDF)   Relocation of action buttons July 26, 2021
21.1 New Features Presentation (PDF) BearBuy User Experience Demo Updated interface for shopping, requisition, purchase order, and invoice April 12, 2021
20.3 New Features Presentation (PDF)   Enhanced document search November 9, 2020
20.1 New Features Presentation (PDF) Webinar presentation on BearBuy Release 20.1 New icons in top banner and left side navigation menu April 6, 2020
19.3 New Features Presentation (PDF)   New left side navigation menu layout and receipt search November 12, 2019