Buying Goods and Services


Capital Equipment
When purchasing equipment with a value of $5,000 or more, there are things to take into consideration to ensure you are processing your order in compliance. 

Computers and Peripherals
Need a new computer? Check out the requirements before you buy and you'll get the best quality and pricing.

DEA-Controlled Substances
Guidelines for buying United States Drug Enforcement Administration (DEA)-controlled substances. 

Learn about buying furniture for any size project – from outfitting a new building to buying a new chair.

Gift Cards
Guidelines for making gift cards purchases that are compliant with University of California policy and procedures.

Software and Cloud Computing
When purchasing software and cloud computing services, there is a specific BearBuy form to use.  Learn about the guidelines and process for purchasing software and cloud computing services.

Tax-Free Ethyl Alcohol
Buy 190 or 200 Proof Ethyl Alcohol from VWR at a 60 percent to 70 percent lower price.

Non-Catalog items
Goods that aren't available in a BearBuy catalog or punch-out or restricted to a specific type of BearBuy order form may be purchased using the Non-Catalog Form.


Catering for on-campus meetings and events is administered through America To Go (ATG), an online food ordering company. Browse a list of 100+ contracted caterers and restaurants to make standard as well as special and custom orders.

Catering orders for off-campus events and events outside the city of San Francisco do not need to go through America To Go. For events where the supplier requires a signed contract (such as a conference center or hotel), please use the Facility Rental form in BearBuy to establish a purchase order (PO) before the event. For events where the supplier does not require a signed contract, please use the Meeting & Entertainment Payment Request form in BearBuy to request payment of any deposit or payment due.

Facility Rental Services
To conduct an offsite, non-UC facility rental, follow the procedures outlined depending on whether it is with or without contract.

Employee Relocation/Household Moves
When contracting with a moving company as part of a household move for a new campus hire, submit your request in BearBuy using the Relocation/Household Moves form.

For campus moves, e.g. moving a lab across campus, contact UCSF Logistics for help with Moves and Installations.

Photography and Video Services
Coordinate with UCSF News & Media Services to buy photography and video services.

Professional/Personal/Consulting Services
Purchase the services of independent contractors and consultants.

Common Services
Learn how to buy and pay for common services, such as standard lab test and diagnostics, audio-visual services, water deliveries, gas deliveries, shredding services.

Note: Pay for courier services, cell phone bills, and utilities on the Payment Request form.

Learn how to purchase and pay for water delivery services.