Managing Your User Profile

This training demonstrates how to update your BearBuy user profile, including how to save or remove a Shipping Address, Accounting Codes, Procurement Dept Code, Cart Assignee, or Approval Code, as well as how to update your Notification Preferences.

Note: Your First and Last Name, Email Address, Phone Number, Home Department, and BearBuy Role cannot be edited directly in your BearBuy profile. This information is imported into BearBuy from other campus systems.

  • First Name: BearBuy will display your legal first name by default, unless you specify a preferred first name in the UCSF Directory or UCPath. To edit your first name in BearBuy, add a Preferred First Name to your UCSF Directory listing or UCPath profile. The update will display in BearBuy the next business day.
  • Phone Number: To update the phone number listed in your BearBuy profile, edit your listing in the UCSF Directory. The update will display in BearBuy the next business day.
  • BearBuy Role: To change your BearBuy role, contact your department’s Access Administrator for assistance. The Access Administrator will need to submit a request in the Access Management system, which is accessible through UCSF MyAccess.

Version Date: November 2021