Meeting & Entertainment Payment Request Form

The Meeting & Entertainment Payment Request form is intended for requesting payment of catering and other event-related expenses only when the vendor does not require a contract.

The form is generally submitted after the event; however, a deposit payable to the vendor may be required before your event. In this case, submit one form before the event to request payment of the deposit and another form after the event to pay the final invoice.

For more information on meeting and entertainment policies and procedures, refer to Meeting & Entertainment Expenses.

Do not use the Meeting & Entertainment Payment Request form for the following:

  • When contracting with a non-UC facility (e.g., hotel, conference center, restaurant), follow the Facility Rental procedure to have the contract reviewed by your Department-Assigned Buyer and create a purchase order (PO) with the vendor before the event. Then, follow the Facility Rental Payment Processing Instructions to request payment for any deposit or payment due.
  • Note: An agreement regarding logistics only (e.g., food, price, attendee count) with no binding contractual language does not require review by your Department-Assigned Buyer and should not be submitted on the Facility Rental form. These simple confirmations do not need to be routed to a Buyer, as long as the confirmation does not include any terms and conditions.


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Last Revised: December 2022