After-the-Fact Purchase Orders

The After-the-Fact Purchase Order (PO) is used when a requisition and purchase order are being issued after the transaction has occurred and when the transaction doesn’t fit the limited requirements of a payment request form. The BearBuy Payment Request Form (PRF) cannot be used for these purchases and is restricted to only those transactions that cannot be purchased using a PO or Procurement Card (P-Card).

After-the-fact transactions should be entered as a requisition in BearBuy, with justifications for the purchase, an action plan outlining how this will be avoided in the future, as well as departmental approval signatures.

Per University of California policy BUS-43: “An individual who has not been delegated purchasing authority who makes an authorized purchase of goods or services shall be responsible for payment of the charges incurred...”

If the purchase amount is $10,000 or more the PO will route to the Supply Chain Management Buyer. The regular requisition approval workflow will be followed. All After-the-Fact requisitions require the department Requisition Approver’s approval regardless of dollar amount.


  • Complete the BearBuy After-the-Fact PO Form.
  • Using information provided in the BearBuy After-the-Fact PO form, complete and attach the After-the-Fact Justification Form, which includes the following information:
    • Vendor name and invoice number.
    • A written justification for why the unauthorized procurement action was taken. What was the emergency?
    • A statement regarding whether or not the price is considered reasonable and the basis for making that determination. Documentation may be required.
    • An explanation of the action taken to preclude any future unauthorized purchases.
    • The Justification form is to be signed by the Director, Principal Investigator, Department Chair or Head, not the requisition Shopper or Requester.
    • Associate and Departmental Buyers shall be responsible for submitting completed After the Fact Justification Forms for their respective departments at requisition submission. Doing so will avoid unnecessary delays.
    • Attach the After-the-Fact Justification Form as an internal attachment to the requisition.
    • Note that, due to the transaction not being done initially according to UCSF policy and procedures, additional documents may be required before being released for processing to complete the file and mitigate risk to the University, including a Certificate of Insurance, W-9, Conflict of Interest statement, pre-hire worksheet, Agreement DS, etc.
    • Attach invoices to the requisition (if any).
  • Payment Processing
    • The Purchase Order will auto flip to voucher.
    • Accounts Payable (A/P) will review and approve the voucher.
    • The department’s Voucher Approver will be required to approve of After the Fact vouchers regardless of dollar amount.
    • Payments will be issued directly to the supplier according to existing A/P policies.

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Note: This form replaces the majority of transactions that utilized the BearBuy Payment Request Form, effective March 1, 16.