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Before The Trip

  • Travel Regulations, UC Policy G-28, applies to all official University travel including travel by non-employees such as visitors, students, visiting scholars, independent contractors, etc. Before your make any travel arrangements, be sure you review and understand UC Policy G-28, to ensure that your travel costs can be paid and reimbursed. Important topics include restrictions on State funded travel; limits on transportation, lodging, meals and incidental expenses (including expense caps); required trip registration and insurance; and expense documentation requirements.
  • Request access to Connexxus (UC Systemwide Travel Portal used for air, rail, car, and hotel bookings) by sending an email with your name and employee ID number to [email protected].
  • Obtain approval for your trip from your Manager
  • Obtain a SpeedType from your Finance Manager in order to direct-bill UCSF for airfare bookings made through BCD & UC Travel Center (UCTC) travel agencies within Connexxus

When You Return

  • Submit a completed and approved expense report using MyExpense within 45 days of the End of Trip/Last Purchase Date to ensure timely reporting of expenses and to avoid IRS tax implications. Late expense reports may be reported as taxable income and subject to applicable payroll taxes. 
  • Itemize expenses on the expense report
  • Provide justification if needed
  • Attach required receipts, agenda, and other supporting documention

Additional Information

  • See the UCSF Risk Management and Insurance Services website for information about business travel insurance provided at no cost to travelers.