Paying for Goods and Services

Preferred Purchasing Methods

Supply Chain Management (SCM) is responsible for business and procurement contracts, transactions, and advice. See the SCM Buying page for more information about purchasing.

SCM outlines the use of different buying procedures when ordering and purchase goods and services.

  • BearBuy Catalogs: Ecommerce website available to most UCSF faculty, students, and staff.
  • BearBuy Forms: Used for non-catalog items or more favorable pricing available through special deals or other promotions.
  • Procurement Card (P-Card): A P-Card can be used for purchases under $5,000 from suppliers that are used infrequently or who do not accept purchase orders, or for urgent business needs. P-Cards cannot be used to pay for any travel or entertainment expenses. Contact the Campus Buyer to assess adding any supplier you use on a regular basis to the BearBuy catalog or executing a campus contract.

Instructions on Paying for Specific Types of Expenses

Payment Methods

There are five payment methods available:

  1. Virtual Card (Payment Plus): UCSF’s preferred payment method is Payment Plus, an automated Visa card program managed and guaranteed by U.S. Bank. It offers suppliers FRAUD PROTECTION and an option for IMMEDIATE payment, a benefit designed to accelerate payment receipt upon invoice approval. Payments are made via a one-time use virtual credit card number. For more information on our Payment Plus program, please visit our Frequently Asked Questions page.
  2. Automated clearing house (ACH): Electronic payment via ACH involves a 30-day payments term if no discount term is given to UCSF. Vendors must signup to receive ACH payments by submitting the ACH Enrollment Form.
  3. Procurement Card: Departments may use a P-Card (business credit card) to order and pay for certain types of transactions.
  4. Wire Transfer: Generally used for payments to foreign vendors who can't accept paper checks. Wires are a high-risk payment method and the process takes longer due to additional oversight and going through intermediary banks. Domestic wires should be infrequent and by exception only.
  5. Paper Check: Payment by paper check is our least-preferred method of payment due to the high cost of processing and potential risks. Checks also have 60-day payment terms if no discount payment term is given to UCSF.

UCSF uses standard payment terms for all suppliers who receive a purchase order. Use of e-invoicing and Payment Plus provides the best payment terms to suppliers. 

Viewing Accounts Payable Information

Depending on your needs and the question you are trying to answer, refer to the following UCSF systems to view Accounts Payable related information. These systems can be accessed via MyAccess:

  • MyReports for financial transactions
  • WebLinks for financial transactions prior to Fiscal Year 2013-14

Obtaining Copies of Invoice/Supporting Documents

BearBuy Invoices

Copies of BearBuy invoices are available in BearBuy (via MyAccess). Invoice copies are identified as “Invoice Image” on the Voucher Tab or as a document in the Attachment Tab in BearBuy. An attachment will only be available if the submitter included the invoice on the attachment portion of the BearBuy Form. Copies of invoices processed by Accounts Payable via BearBuy or PeopleSoft are available using WebNow (via MyAccess).

All Other Invoices

Suppliers submitting bills electronically typically will not have an invoice attachment, however the information on the voucher should have all the invoice elements. See your Supervisor, Manager, or contact the Accounts Payable Helpdesk with questions about other invoices.

Campus Department Responsibilities