BearBuy Training

Below are Quick Reference Guides and webinars for learning how to use the BearBuy procure-to-pay system. Also on this page are:



Quick Reference Guide 



Shopping basics


Shopping and creating requisitions from carts



Requisition Approver

Approving requisitions

Requisition Optional Approver

Approving requisitions as an optional approver (Ad Hoc or Pre-Approver)



Voucher Approver

Approving vouchers (invoices) over $5,000


Match Exception Handler

Resolving Match Exceptions on vouchers.

The webinar training is required before obtaining the Match Exception Handler Role.






Quick Reference Guide 


BearBuy FAQ

Frequently Asked Questions about BearBuy

BearBuy FAQs


Manage Your User Profile Settings & Notifications

Review BearBuy roles and setting up your BearBuy profile settings and notifications

Navigating BearBuy

How to navigate through the BearBuy menus and pages


Finding Frequently Accessed Pages in BearBuy

Quickly locate commonly used BearBuy pages


BearBuy Icons

Learn about what various icons represent in BearBuy



Shop Using Hosted Catalogs

Shopping from supplier hosted catalogs



Filter Catalog Search Results

Refining hosted catalog search results



Shop Using Punch-out Catalogs

Shopping from supplier Punch-out catalog sites



Using BearBuy Forms

Using forms to request items or services not found in hosted or Punch-out catalogs



Selecting Ship-To Addresses

Selecting a shipping address for an order



Returned Carts/Requisitions

Why carts are returned and how to handle cart returns



Copy a Previous Requisition

Creating a new requisition by copying an existing requisition



Document Search

Searching for BearBuy documents


Looking Up Buying Activity

How to find a department's BearBuy buying activity




Entering receipts for BearBuy purchase orders



View Payment Status

Viewing payment information on BearBuy vouchers



Data Privacy

Guidance for protecting restricted personally identifiable information following UC privacy policies and PHI/HIPAA guidelines.


Other Helpful Resources



Supplier Registration

  • How to set up a new supplier in BearBuy
  • How to update an existing supplier’s record
  • How to enroll in Automated Clearing House (ACH)

America To Go (catering)

  • How to order catering
  • How to pay catering invoices

Catalog Suppliers 411  

  • Catalog vendor contact information, shipping leads times, fees

How To Buy

  • Instructions for specific BearBuy Forms and select Punch-outs, HIPAA, Imports/Exports, Prevailing Wage, Returns, etc.

Lien Management

  • Change Orders Requests
  • How to edit an existing PO
  • How to close a PO (to remove the lien in PeopleSoft)
  • How to research liens in PeopleSoft


System Requirements

Operating System

Certified Browsers


  • Internet Explorer 11
  • Firefox (latest version-automatically updated by Mozilla)
  • Chrome (latest version-automatically updated by Google)


  • Firefox (latest version-automatically updated by Mozilla)
  • Safari 4.0 or higher


External Attachment Requirements

Many UCSF suppliers are set up to receive POs via fax and email.  Your Supplier is set up to receive POs by fax or email, if after you input the Supplier name on a form, the Fax or Email field in the form's Distribution section of the form is populated. 

If you intend to attach a file to be sent to the Supplier along with the PO, you can attach the file as an External Attachment in BearBuy. The file must be one of the following file types.  

Document Extension

File Type


Created by Microsoft Word


Adobe Acrobat


TIFF Image


ASCII Plain Text


Microsoft Excel


HyperText Markup Language (HTML) files


MHT web archive files; HTML with embedded images


Microsoft PowerPoint


JPEG files*


Rich Text Format

* JPG/JPEG files are generally supported, though not recommended, and not supported in all circumstances.

NOTE: Attempting to send a file with an extension that is not its native extension will result in a rendering error and could delay your order.

NOTE:  All Files must have a Document Extension.  For Mac and Linux Users, please consult your IT personnel to change your settings to show extensions.


Size and Attachment Number Limits

  •     Maximum of 10 file attachments
  •     Maximum attachment file size (internal and external): 30 MB
  •     Maximum total file size of external attachments: 10 MB recommended