Capital Asset Surplus FAQs

What items can I send to Capital Asset Surplus?

Any Capitalized Asset that has reached end of life or is no longer in use that had an initial purchase price in excess of $5,000 or has UCSF property tag.

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What can I do with non-capital assets?

UCSF Logistics provides pickup and disposal of non-capital assets through our Labor Services division. If you have a space or room to be quickly cleared or you have a large number of non-capital items to dispose of, please email us at [email protected].

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I need our office/location to be cleared of everything and don’t care if the items are sold or not. What do I do?

Logistics Labor Services can quickly clear any space or office you identify. Scheduling this work is as simple as creating a UCSF Logistics labor request by visiting the Logistics' Moves and Installation page. If you need additional assistance, please call (415) 502-6245.

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What is the lead time required to schedule a pickup?

We need a minimum of 72-hours’ notice to schedule pickups.

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What form do I need to complete for the Capital Asset Surplus process?

The UCSF Capital Asset Surplus Form.

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I work within the Medical Center; can I still use the Capital Asset Surplus program?

All members of the UCSF enterprise may use the Capital Asset Surplus program.

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How does Logistics market the Capital Asset Surplus items?

Logistics coordinates the sale through Public Surplus, a third-party auction site for public agencies, including universities.

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How long are items listed on the auction site?

All items are posted for 21 days. For the first seven days, items are made available solely to UCSF departments; subsequently the auctions are open to the general public. Departments may continue to purchase during this phase of the auction.

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Who do I contact if I have additional questions or concerns?

Please email us at [email protected].

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I have movers other than Logistics scheduled to clear our spaces. Can I have these movers deliver items to Oyster Point?

No, but you may schedule Logistics Labor Services to clear any spaces/offices by visiting the Logistics' Moves and Installation page.

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How do I buy at Public Surplus?

Prospective buyers can register at

The registration process will require the following registration code:

  • CURE 70 CRAM 39 (This code is case AND space sensitive)
  • Select Region: California
  • Select Agency:University of California, San Francisco

Once your registration is confirmed, you will receive a notification when internal campus items become available. These notifications will provide information on how to claim these items. The first seven days that an item is listed on Public Surplus constitutes its availability as an interdepartmental transfer via a journal transfer. 

A departmental Procurement Card is required for purchases on surplus items that have been listed for more than one week.  Prior to the one-week cutoff you can make arrangements with the item’s host department and do a journal entry to cover the cost transfer. If you purchase an item via interdepartmental transfer, please keep us in mind when it comes time to move the item. Our experienced staff is here to help you with equipment moves.

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