Small Business Subcontracting Forms

These forms are required for the completion of the federally required documentation needed for the Small Business Subcontracting Plan.  See the Federal Small Business Subcontracting Plan Overview for more information.

  1. Small Business Subcontracting Plan Worksheet – Must be completed by Principal Investigator and Research Administrator so that Supplier Diversity Program Manager can complete the Small Business Subcontracting Plan documentation listed below.
  2. Principal Investigator Agreement Letter – template used by Supplier Diversity Program Manager to ensure that Principal Investigator signs off on responsibility for making progress toward the small business utilization goals as set forth in the plan. Both the Supplier Diversity Program Manager and the Principal Investigator must sign this letter, which is internally maintained by the Supplier Diversity Program Office.
  3. Addenda A & B – One Period  Excel worksheets which provide supporting documentation for specific percentage and dollars proposed for purchase of materials and supplies, equipment over $5,000, and travel from small business suppliers.
  4. Addenda A & B - Multiphase – These worksheets are used when the proposal is for a multiphase or year project which requires a breakout of goals for each phase or year of the project.
  5. Master Plan Notice – This form is sent  by the Supplier Diversity Program Manager to the awarding agency or institution that needs to review the University's compliance with federal requirements.