Common Transactions Using BearBuy Forms


BearBuy Form Form Description Common Items Purchased using Form
After-the-Fact Purchase Order (PO) Form

To pay for goods/services where a purchase order was not previously created for the purchase.

NOTE: An After-the-Fact purchase, called an "unauthorized purchase" per Bus 43, Part 3, Section VII, is a procurement that has been committed to the vendor without proper authorization. 

Any goods/services purchased where you did not previously create a purchase order for the purchase
Amount-Based PO (Blanket) Amount-based purchase request for common services and goods. Also can be used to create blanket orders for recurring services. Equipment Repair, Fabrication, Janitorial Services, Landscaping,  Pager Services, Sequencing Service, Temp Staffing (Non-executive Recruitment), Transcription Service, UCOP Agreement Services (e.g. for maintenance), Uniform Laundry Service
Capital Equipment Form Use this form for equipment or capitalized software over $5000. Equipment Purchase, Hardware/Software over $5,000, Vehicle Purchase
Change Order Request Form To request a change to a Purchase Order that has already been sent to the supplier. Lien Removal, Chartfield Change, Change Order
DEA-Controlled Substance To purchase drugs considered Controlled Substances by the DEA. DEA Controlled Substance (Schedule II-V and List 1 Chemical Precursors)
Facility Rental Form Use this form to request an off-site non-UC facility rental for all events requiring a signed contract. Facility Rental – renting a hotel, Conference Hall, or other facility
Non-Catalog Form To purchase products that are not available through a punch out supplier or from a hosted catalog supplier.  Cell Phone Purchase, Dental Kits, Firearms, Orthopedic Supplies (Specialized), Pager Purchase, Radioactive Goods/Chemicals, Software License, UCOP Agreement Goods, Uniforms
Meeting & Entertainment Payment Request Form

Use this form for requesting payment for event related expenses where the supplier does not require a contract.

NOTE: For on-campus catering, use America To Go. 

Event related expenses
Outbound Freight (for FedEx Shipping) Use this form to create blanket POs for FedEx shipments sent out from UCSF. FedEx Shipping Charges
Payment Request Form To request payment for a NON-BearBuy PO invoice. Advertising & Recruiting, Cell Phone Service, Conference Registration, Courier (i.e. FedEx) - Campus Wide Account Number, Data Services, Honorarium, License Fee, Membership Fees, Permit Fees, Postage
Professional Services/Independent Consulting Form To request purchases of Professional Services and Independent Consulting Services. Architect, Auditing/Accounting Service, Engineering Service, Graphic Design, Independent Consulting Agreement (ICA), Temp Staffing (Non-executive Recruitment), Training Service, UCOP Agreement Services (for Professional Services or Independent Contracting), Vehicle Charter, Website Design
Relocation/Household Moves Form For individual household moves as part of a new campus hire.  This form is not intended for internal campus relocations/moves. Relocation or household moves services
Software Form Use this form to request software or software licenses, cloud software-related professional services, and cloud computing services. Do not use the form to request on premises software or hardware (i.e. Adobe Acrobat) or equipment that contains embedded software. Software, software licenses, cloud software-related professional services, cloud computing services
Standing Order Amount Form (for ReadyRefresh Orders) This form is used solely for ReadyRefresh (formerly Arrowhead) standing order purchases such as water and coffee delivery. ReadyRefresh orders